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What Are My Wrestling Action Figures Worth?

This section came about after I quite literally bumped into an old customer of mine, called Sean.

Sean was about 12 when he first started coming into my first store in the mid 1990’s, which was when the country was gripped by Wrestlemania.

Like many kids his age he was a huge wrestling fan and was mad on The Rock, although my personal favorite was Mick Foley (A.K.A Mankind), and he was always the first in line when a new line of Jakks Pacific WWE figures arrived.

At that time the WWF was huge and about the only thing that was more popular was Pokemon. In fact I owe a great deal of my success to Sean and his many friends who would often queue for hours to get the latest WWE figures.

Seeing Sean again reminded of those early days, when I knew all the kids by their first names and thEy would often pop in to chat about the latest news, fights and gossip.

Some of them even started to refer to me as “Uncle Colin”!

 Anyway, to get back to the point Sean and I got to talking about the fights, the wrestlers and inevitably his collection of figures, which he assures me he still has.

But he was tried to sort them out and was having problems finding  checklists and price guides for them so I promised him I would help out and dig up as much info as I could for him.

What you see here, therefore, is the result of my research etc for him, and I hope you find i as useful as he did.

Who Made the AWA Action Figures?

The AWA, American Wrestling Association, is among the oldest and most successful wrestling organizations to have operated in the United States.

Remco released the very first wrestling action figures in 1985 with their AWA based action figure line.

These figures still sell well on the secondary market and are a favorite of many fans and collectors due to their...<read more>

What Happened to WCW Wrestling Figures?

The GCW devised the name "World Championship Wrestling" in an effort to compete with the WWF in the early 1980's and alsoo changed the identity of its TV show (and thus its public face) to the WCW.

The first WCW action figures were released by Galoob about the same time as Hasbro released their WWF line. The WCW figures however were...<read more>

Did You Know Two Companies Sold CMLL Figures?

CMLL is an acronym of the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre the Spanish version of World Wide Wrestling Council, a professional wrestling promotion based in Mexico City.

There were two lines of CMLL figures released in the early 90'2. The first in 1992 by the Original San Francisco Toymakers in 1992 and the second in 1993 by a little known company called...<read more>

What is the Lucha Libre?

The AAA was founded on May 15 1992 after Antonio Pena broke away from his former company known as CMLL (Consejo Mundial of Lucha Libre) , taking with him Konnan, who was one of the young talents in CMLL.

Probably one of the most difficult sets of wresting action figure to get are the Kelian AAA Lucha Libre Wrestling Figures - Kelian as it is...< read more>

Who Made the Best ECW Figures?

In the mid 1980's in order to provide an alternative to the popular famliy entertainment of the WCW and WWF the Eastern Wrestling Championship was renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling,  aimed primarily at men between the ages of 18 to 35

The Original San Francisco Toymaker company released the original line of ECW figures in...<read more> .

Jakks Pacific Takes on the TNA

Despite its lack of popularity and what its detractors may say, the TNA has continued to survive long after other wrestling promotions filed for bankruptcy or sold out to Vince Mahon.

Jakks Pacific decided to add TNA figures to its stable of wrestling figures in...<find out more>

Were Any FMW Figures Made?

The Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling was a popular form of extreme Japanese wrestling that was popular in the 90's and allowed the use of weapons such as barbed wire and fire during the wrestling matches. 

There have been at least three known lines of figures base on FMW Wrestling, the first released in..<find out more>

Where Can You Get NJPW Figures?

New Japan Professional Wrestling referred to as Puroresu in Japan has become increasingly popular since the rise of the UFC in the states and as a result collectors and fans have been grabbing up any figures they can find.

But who makes them and where can you get them from? <find out more>

How Many WWE & WWF Wresling Figures Are There?

By far the biggest, and most popular of all the wrestling promotions has been the WWF or the WWE as it is now known (they had to change the name due to litigation from the World Wildlife Fund).

Roderick James "Jess" McMahon was a boxing showman whose achievements included co-promoting a bout in 1915 between Jess Willard and Jack Johnson.

In 1926, while working with Tex Rickard (who actually hated wrestling to such an extent he prevented wrestling events from being held at Madison Square Garden between 1939 and 1948), he began promoting boxing in Madison Square Garden in New York. The first match during their partnership was a light-heavyweight championship match between Jack Delaney and Paul Berlenbach.

Since 1985 there have been four different companies that have produced WWF and WWE wrestling figures:

LJN Wrestling Figures

Hasbro Wrtling Figures

Jakks Wrestling Figures

Mattel Wrestling Figures

My personal favorites are the Jakks Pacific figures, probably because the was the most memorable period for me, when I had my stores in the UK and the story lines were centered around The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austen's rivallry, and my all-time favorite wrestlers Mankind and The Undertaker.

A Short List of What There Is


1984-1989: LJN

1990-1994: Hasbro

1995-2009: Jakks Pacific

2010 Onwards: Mattel


Other Lines

1985: AWA (Remco)

1990: WCW (Galoob)

1992: CMLL (Original San Francisco Toymakers)

1992: AAA (Kelian)

1999: ECW (Original San Francisco Toymakers)

2004-2009: TNA (Toy Biz)

2010 Onwards: TNA (Jakks Pacific)

Will the UFC be the next big thing?

After more than 20 years it looks as though the WWE's popularity is finally beginning to wane.

A more severe, and brutish game is in town that is dragging the crowds away from what is now seen as a stale and timid sport.

Mixed martial arts, is the new astoundingly popular brand of fighting most recognized today through the Ultimate Fighting Championship,and  is an art that has been around since the Ancient Greeks started the Olympics.

While Mike Tyson was shouting "Ludicrous" and laying down opponents with a vicious right hand in the United States, the rest of the fighting world took it to the mat in a different way.

MMA is still exploding all over the world. The pay-per-view events take in millions of dollars and entire movies, novels and television series have been dedicated to the art. No matter where you're from in the world and no matter what style of fight you use, you're welcome to test your skills in an MMA ring.

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