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Water Dragon Clan McFarlane's Dragons Series 5

water dragon 6 The Water Dragon is a wondrous and beautiful animal but is also fearsome and terrifying.

Great swimmers they can usually be found living near oceans, lakes or rivers but they can be as unpredictable, terrifying and destructive as the oceans and seas.

water dragon 1

Innocent sailors swim frantically trying to escape the seas anger as waves crash against the rocks around them, its waves swallowing. their doomed and sinking ship and then....

From the seas hidden depths rises the head of a Legendary and Mythical Sea Serpent . High above the sea and the frightened sailors cowering below.

Majestic, beautiful and breathtaking he prepares to finish the doomed sailors below.

water dragon 2 The detail of the sculpting and paintwork on this is a fantastic. You can almost hear the crashing of the waves on the rocks and the screams of the terrified, doomed sailors. The Water Dragon himself is an absolute masterpiece with it's light orange and green wings. Although the paintwork is a little uneven in places the overall impact is superb with a vast array of colors giving an added dimension to this piece.

water dragon 3 In this awesome diorama a Water Dragon rises its head,7 1/4 inches to the top of it's raised wings, above the sea. Its wingspan is a mere 8 3/4 inches. As with the other dragons there is little articulation in the head and base of neck as well as the tail.

Yet again my only disappointment is the lack of detail on the humans but due to their size, 3/4 inch, this is inevitable.

water dragon 4 The lack of articulation though is more than made up in the detail of these figures as well as with the excellent dioramas. Each also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, and includes some very artistic photographs of this figure.

water dragon 5

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