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What Is Vocaloid?

Vocaloid isn't an anime or an anime character but a software programme from the Yamaha Corporation.

Its revolutionary Vocaloid technology allows singing animes to be generated just by typing in the lyrics and assigning melodies to them using your computer.

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The Vocaloid concept has been made easy enough for just about anyone to use it. The software is a user friendly piano interface that requires you to enter the melody into the computer and then type in words on the various melody notes. Vocaloid also gives an additional utility of being able to vary the tone and voice of the anime singers. Furthermore additional sound effects can be added so the only real limit between you and a great singing anime is your skills.

Yamaha has done a great job in spreading the Vocaloid Software worldwide and is available in English, Japanese and even a Chinese version can be acquired thanks to Sonika. As a result The Vocaloid idea is now an accepted concept in the music industry.

vocaloid, vocaloid nendoroid

It is through Vocaloid technology that we get anime singers like Meiko, Leon and Lola selling their songs as a 'Singer in a box'. It si exciting to hear the Vocaloid versions of One Republic's 'Stop and Stare', being done by Leon, or her version of Dido's White.

The Vocaloid technology has a great ability to mimic the vocals of popular and famous artistes from around the world. Just check out the Vocaloid special of the song Cher done by Lola and for lovers of the platinum band Owl City, Lola can give them a Vocaloid anime blend of the hit single Fireflies.

Meiko should be defined as the most entertaining of all Vocaloid packages. In her All Stars performance, you can't fail to marvel at her sweet Vocaloid tunes done with well choreographed dance moves and catchy outfits. It all blends into an electrifying performance you can watch over and over again.

vocaloid, vocaloid nendoroid

The sequel, Vocaloid 2 was has given us Sweet Ann and a rocky performance of Salamander, The Seventh Moon and Last Christmas. Other Vocaloid anime characters of the Vocaloid 2 engine are Hastune Miku, Tonio, Lily, and Gachapoid among others. Vocaloid 2 seems to have had an ample focus on rock tunes; Hastune Miku blends a rock tune to sing a sad story of Love is War. An additional rock gig of Miku is her performance of World is mine where she wants a boy to notice her beauty.

Both Vocaloid versions have made singing a reality for the world of anime fans. The singing animes have become an instant success particularly on social network sites.

And to keep fans, and all you budding anime musicians out there, in practice Yamaha has news of a Vocaloid 3 engine in the makingรขโ‚ฌยฆ

We wait to see...

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