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Upper Deck Pro Shots and All Star Vinyl Figures

In 2006 Upper Deck decided to enter the Sports Figures market with their Upper Deck Pro Shots and All Star Vinyl Lines, hoping to repeat the success of McFarlane's Sports Picks.

The first in this new line was a James LeBron All-Star Vinyl figure which was followed by two four-figure sets of The LeBrons in partnership with Nike.

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These figures brought a whole new look to the a new face on the sports figure market with their all vinyl style, similar to Mezco's earlier NFL Extreme Athlete figures in 2003

Unlike Mezco's earlier figures though these proved quite successful, mainly due to the fact that, unlike Mezco, Upper already had a huge base of loyal Sports Collectors to sell to.

Each of the NBA All-Star Vinyl Basketball Figures stands approx. 11-inches in height with limited articulation and a very limited production run.

Upper Deck's inspiration for this line came from the increasingly popular, and collectible, Urban Vinyl figures from Japan.

2006 All-Star Vinyl Basketball Figures

LeBron James- Cleveland red uniform

Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers Black Edition

LeBron James - The LeBrons, King James Edition Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James - The LeBrons, The Chosen One -

2007 All-Star Vinyl Basketball Figures

Allen Iverson AI1 Denver Nuggets White Uniform

Allen Iverson AI2 Denver Nuggets Blue Uniform

Allen Iverson AI3 Denver Nuggets Black Edition

Carmelo Anthony CA1 Denver Nuggets Blue Uniform

Carmelo Anthony CA2 Denver Nuggets White Uniform Expected

Carmelo Anthony CA3 Denver Nuggets Dark Blue Uniform

Carmelo Anthony CA4 Denver Nuggets Black Edition

Dwayne Wade DW1 Miami Heat Red Jersey

Dwayne Wade DW2 Miami Heat Black Jersey 2007

Dwayne Wade DW3 Miami Heat Black Edition 2007

Kobe Bryant KB1 Los Angeles Lakers Yellow Uniform

Kobe Bryant KB2 Los Angeles Lakers Purple Uniform

Kobe Bryant KB3 Los Angeles Lakers Black Edition

Kobe Bryant KB5 White Uniform

Kobe Bryant KB6 Retro MPLS Uniform

Lebron James 1 LJ1 Cleveland Cavaliers Red Uniform

Lebron James 1 LJ2 Cleveland Cavaliers White Uniform

Lebron James 1 LJ3 Cleveland Cavaliers Black Edition

Lebron James 1 LJ4 Cleveland Cavalier Orange Uniform

Shaquille O'Neal SO1 Miami Heat Black Uniform

Shaquille O'Neal SO2 Miami Heat White Uniform

Shaquille O'Neal SO3 Miami Heat Red Uniform

Shaquille O'Neal SO4 Miami Heat Black Edition

2008 All-Star Vinyl Basketball Figures

Kevin Durant KD1 Seattle Sonics Green Uniform

Kobe Bryant 2 KB2-1 Los Angeles Lakers Yellow Uniform

Kobe Bryant 2 KB2-2 Los Angeles Lakers Purple Uniform

Kobe Bryant 2 KB2-3 Los Angeles Lakers White Uniform

Kobe Bryant 2 KB2-4 Los Angeles Lakers Black Edition

Kobe Bryant KB4 Los Angeles Lakers Platinum Edition

Lebron James 2 LJ2-1 Cleveland Cavaliers Blue Uniform

Lebron James 2 LJ2-2 Cleveland Cavaliers Red Uniform

Lebron James 4 LJ2-4 Cleveland Cavaliers Black Edition May

Vince Carter VC1 New Jersey Nets Blue Uniform

Vince Carter VC2 New Jersey Nets White Uniform 2008

Vince Carter VC3 New Jersey Nets Red Uniform 2008

Vince Carter VC4 New Jersey Nets Black Uniform

Returning to Realism With Upper Deck Pro Shots

Upper Decks Pro Shots aren't really "action figures" but more like highly accurate 6" statues or figurines depicting great moments in famous players' careers.

The first of these featured Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan

There were two versions of each figure produced a "retail version" which is sold at Toys R Us, and showed the athlete in the attire he was wearing and was packaged in a plastic clamshell with a cardboard wrap-around, and ian Upper Deck card.

Then there was the "hobby version," which was sold in specialist collectors shops and online hobby stores. This version featured the same pose as the retail version but with an alternate uniform.

2008 Upper Deck Pro Shots Figures

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls

Figure shows Jordan in his red uniform shooting the '98 Finals winning last shot vs. Utah

Michael Jordan

Figure features Joran's rookie dunk contest appearance from '85 in the classic back to the basic Cradle Dunk pose - this is a figure.

Michael Jordan (hobby)

Figure shows Jordan pose from when he was shooting his '98 Finals winning last shot vs. Utah. The chase is in the white uniform. - this is a Chase figure.

Michael Jordan (hobby)

Figure features Joran's rookie dunk contest appearance from '85 in the classic back to the basic Cradle Dunk pose. The hobby version is in the white uniform. - this is a Chase figure.

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