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"Is Trevor Hoffman the Best Closer of All Time"

Trevor Hoffman has two older brothers Gary and Glen was born on October 13 1967 and is married with three sons Brody Burke, Quinn Eddie, and Wyatt Quade. His father was a devote California Angels fan and for 15 years was the famous singer usher at their games.

During his childhood Trevor Hoffman's time was spent either hanging out with his brother Glen who was a shortstop with the Boston Red Sox or his other brother Greg who was a basketball coach and if he wasn't with them he would be at an Angels game with his father.

His athletic abilities are probably inherited from his mother, Mikki, who is a former ballerina from England but it seems that he didn't inherit any of his fathers' musical talents.

Trevor Hoffman's best career season was probably 1998 when he achieved a career high of 53 saves equaling the NL season record set in 1993 by Randy Myers and a 1.48 ERA. He was awarded the Sporting News Reliever of the Year and the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award and nearly got the CY Young award after being voted with 13 first place votes but lost to Tom Glavine, despite his only receiving 11 first place votes.

In 2005 he achieved his 400th save putting him in the top three pitchers in Major League history to achieve this accolde but later that same year he moved up to second place with 424 saves leaving only Lee Smith with 478 to beat. He accomplished this on September 24 2006 and became the all-time Major League saves record holder.

He achieved a further all-time record on April 29 2007 when he pitched in his 803 game for the Padres making him the pitcher with the most games played for one team.

Trevor Hoffman's uses AC DC's "Hells Bells" as his entrance music.

Hoffma's pitching repertoire includes a four season fastball, a slower cut fastball, a slider, a curveball and what is considered to be one of the best changeups in the game.

Despite this variety of pitches available to him he invariably alternates between fastballs and changeups but it is his unique ability and delivery that has allowed him the success he has achieved in using these.

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