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McFarlanes Spawn Series 30 Tiffany Action Figure

Based on the character from the Adventures of Spawn online comic Tiffany is beautiful sexy and very deadly.

A member of the Warrior Elite she has fought against the forces of Darkness since the beginning of time courageously, fearlessly and bravely, never questioning her cause until now...

It seems a little strange but in this version of Spawn Tiffany turns out to be one of the villians, which may take a little getting used to for some fans but...

Another changeover for her is that she's not an angel after all but an Amazon Warrior...

But that's another story which you can read at the end of this review, if you wish.

Tiffany's sculpt is by far the most detailed of all these figures and it shows. The paintwork is also superb with excellently contrasting colors and interestingly enough her wings are gold on the back and sliver on the underside.

Disappointingly though she doesn't come with any accessories but then again maybe the guys at Mc Farlanes figured with a body like hers they didn't need any to encourage us hot blooded males to buy one of these figures.

Although she has a few areas of articulation they aren't of much use as there is very little movement in them. But just for the record there is articulatin on the neck, shoulders, left wrist and right elbow.

The only one of any real use though is the one on her wrist to use with her wicked looking scimitar or hand blade.

Despite her faults she will remain one of my favorites because...

well she's quite sexy for a figure, don't you think?

WARNING: There is a variant Tiffany with NO PUPILS as in the comicbook.

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