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The Watchmen: Yet Another Comic-book Movie?

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The Watchmen Trailer

The Watchmen Graphic Novel

The Watchmen is a graphic novel that was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by graphic artist Dave Gibbons.

The pair had previously worked together on Moore's earlier project "Miracle Man" and on hearing Moore was embarking on a new venyure with Marvel asked if he could be involved in the project.

Set in an alternate 1980's the series of graohic novels have gained a cult following and has become highly regarded, so much so that the 2009 movie has become one of the most anticapated movies of the year.

The story begins with the paranoid delusions of a half-insane hero called Rorschach who has he in fact uncovered a plot to murder super-heroes and, even worse, millions of innocent civilians, or has he?

Bringing together his former teammates whilst in the run from the law Rorschah deperately tries to save the world and their lives, but...

what they uncover will shock them to their very core and change the face of the planet!

The Watchmen Movie

Zack Snyder initially got involved with the Warner Bros project after hearing they were going to make significant story and character plot changes which he felt would destroy the essence of the book.

So it was more a case of his"rescuing" the movie from the clutches of those he feared would betray it.

But since then it's been a bumping ride for everyone involved in this highly anticapated movie.

First there was the looming threat of strike action from the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America whose contracts with Warners were due to expire then two new writers were brought in to re-write the script

Then of course came the biggest set back of all when Fox claimed THEY own the distribution rights to the Watchmen movie.

"In essence, the judge has found that producer Lawrence Gordon's grant of distribution rights in Watchmen to Warner Brothers was invalid and in violation of Gordon's agreement with Fox."

For a while it looked like a delay, at the very least, was likely or even an indefinite postpoment.

Thankfully though, after a little sabre rattling Warners and Fox manage to settle there difference so the film could open on March 6 as planned, much to the relief of fans.

Why is it that more and more movies coming out of the Hollywood production line are based on comic book stories or characters?

However this movie is is not the usual X-Men or similar mutant, superhero spin-off variety, even if the title suggests that it could be.

The Watchmen movie is a comic based adaptation of the 1986 comic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and is more of a human hero vigilante movie whose main characters take the crime-fighting into their own hands.

It is set at a time when the local authorities don't have the resources to thwart the misfits of society and so these ordinary people turned vigilantes swoop in to save the day and become accepted as heroes.

Although none of the characters really have any superhuman strength or mutant powers like Superman or Jean Grey (except for Dr. Manhattan that is), they fit in with society and take it upon themselves to sacrifice their lives to rid the world of the evil elements.

The movie takes place in a mid 1980's alternative setting which is right smack in the era of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The movie follows the exploits of a masked superhero vigilante named Rorscach who, while investigating a random murder, discovers that the victim was a retired vigilante with whom he had been previously associated with.

This discovery raises some doubts in him and prompts him to investigate further. Rorscach suspects that a conspiracy is at play, which is set to damage the reputation of all active and retired vigilante heroes and to get rid of them by all means necessary.

Rorscach's investigation leads to a more horrifying discovery that will ultimately put not just his life in peril but of those of his colleagues as well.

So if the Watchmen are safeguarding peace and order against the menace of society, who, in turn watches the Watchmen?

DC Watchmen Figures

Want to get a glimpse of the movie before it opens?

Would you like a close up look at Rorscach?

With less than a month to go till the opening of the movie DC Direct have released not one but TWO series of Watchmen figures to give you a sneak peek at eight of the films characters.

But that's not all!

Eager to please the thousands of fans waiting for the movies release date DC Direct have also released two limited edition figures and two twelve inch figures.

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