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the spirit, spirit figure, the spirit figures

The Spirit Movie A Short Synopsis of The Movie And The Characters

The Spirit Movie looks to be a sure fire hit when it releases later this year and Liongates aren't leaving anything to chace with a series of teaser trailers launched, numerous posters and cast interviews.

Movie Synopsis:

the spirit, spirit figure, the spirit figures

The Spirit movie is an adaptation of a fictional comic book series-based on a superhero created by Will Eisner.

The movie, which was written and directed by Frank Miller of "300" fame is slated to become one of the big budget movies to be released for the year-end 2008.

Although the original setting of the movie was done in the 1940's to 1950's era, this movie deviates from that and actually appears to have a "timeless" and alternative appeal; a retro look with modern technology, much like Frank Miller's previous movie "Sin City".

While the movie is based on a comic series, there will be no direct explanation about the origins of the main character.

From the onset it will feature The Spirit as he already is, not as the person he was, thus making it fast paced and quite interesting.

It will certainly make the viewers, especially those who have not read the comic series, pay attention to every detail and conversation in order to catch up personalities of the characters in the film.

It follows the crime fighting adventures of a masked crusader who was once a police officer named Denny Colt. Colt however mysteriously disappeared, died and was reborn again as the crime fighting hero, The Spirit.

The movie begins with a rather straightforward approach towards the protagonist’s goal of hunting down a devious and cold-blooded villain named Octopus, who kills those unfortunate enough to have ever seen his face. He also intends to wipe out whoever remains in Central City to achieve his evil plan of immortality.

With a bevy of beautiful women at every scene, the usual love interest for our action hero and the classic crime-fighting and action sequences, The Spirit is one action-romance movie that will surely keep you glued to the edge of your seat.

the spirit, spirit figure, the spirit figures

The Characters:

The Spirit-

The ultimate superhero, he has mysteriously returned from the dead, much like Lazarus, and taken on a vigilante crusade to eradicate the lawless elements of Central City with the blessing of the police commissioner.

He was once an ordinary man, a promising police officer named Detective Denny Colt who was cold-heartedly murdered by the criminals that he puts behind bars.

Now that he has somehow found a way to come back and become a superhero, he has become a newfound headache and fear for the underworld criminals by bringing right to their doorstep his own form of justice.


He is considered as one of the most deadly nemesis of The Spirit. With a mysterious past of his own, Octopus possesses above average human strength to fight his opponents and is also a devious criminal mastermind.

He has this penchant of killing any witnesses that sees his face, as if there is anything to see in the first place. His goal of wiping out the entire population of Central City is actually his own translation of achieving immortality, whatever that is.

Plaster of Paris-

A beautiful and sexy vixen with a dangerous persona Plaster is one of the many beautiful women in the movie who either want to seduce or kill the masked avenger.

Any which way, you would be better off not hanging around this lovely lady lest you want to pay the price.

the spirit, spirit figure, the spirit figures

Sand Saref-

Every superhero has their weakness and The Spirit is no exception to this rule. Just like Samson and Delilah, this is how his and the alluring Sand Saref's childhood love relationship began. But it was said that their relationship was torn apart when Sand's father was accidentally killed by one of The Spirit's relatives. From then on, Sand's hatred for the authorities grew and her thirst for the ultra luxurious life grew to the point that she was drawn to the life of crime.

Irresistibly beautiful but ice-cold within, Sand has mastered the art of seducing wealthy men and marrying them for their money. In the process she accumulated a vast amount of wealth, power, and influence.

She has achieved an international status in the criminal underground with her activities involvement in illegal transactions.

Although she may have grown cold as ice, Sand still has a warm spot for our masked avenger due to their history together.

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