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the simpsons movie

"See Movie Mayhem With The Simpsons Movie"

The Simpsons Movie is finally here!

So sit back and enjoy the most riotous, funny and dysfunctional family in history! :-)

After ten years of talking about it America's most dysfunctional family The Simpsons are taking a trip to the movies and you can just imagine the mayhem that ensues.

Now with the help of McFarlanes you can be there with them.

McFarlane's have taken their unique style and creativity to produce a fantastic set of figures based on the new The Simpsons movie due to be released in July, 2007.

The center piece of this series is a collection of 4 pieces that link together to re-create a vision of the The Simpsons at the movies.

With their usual high quality and attention to detail this figures are excellent re-productions of the cartoon characters and prove how well a two dimensional character can be brought to life.

Each of The Simpsons Movie figures in this series comes with a movie sound chip featuring quotes taken straight from the movie soundtrack.

The Simpsons Movie Mayhem Bart

Bart Simpson is a lovable, adorable sweet and misunderstood boy.


Springfield is an average, middle American town, which also makes it a rather boring place to live for a young, energetic, adventurous boy and especially so if you just happen to be Bart Simpson.

Bart is constantly being judged merely based on his thoughts and actions by his narrow minded neighbours who constantly misunderstand him. Sure, he has a few bad ideas, some really bad and some that are.....

Well, that's another story, but basically he's a good kid at heart. In fact he's much like any other normal fourth grader who enjoys skateboarding, chewing gum, and teasing their younger sister, it's just that sometimes he..

Well, does things that maybe he shouldn't have.

The Bart Movie Mayhem box set features our young hero at the movies. This is the first section part of a four piece set that fits together to show the Simpson's family at the movies.

This piece featuring Bart shows him standing by his seat, catapult at the ready with food debris scattered around him and his foot stuck in a glob of gum.

Measuring approx 2 1/2 inches in height and 2 inches in width this is an excellent re-creation of Bart, who has articulation at the neck and shoulders and comes with soda and chair.

The Simpsons Movie sound chip with Movie Mayhem Bart features the lines, taken from the movie:

"Ahhh. How sweet it is!"

Whooaaa! That's good Squishee"

"I'm outta here"

and hysterical laughing

Bart Quote:

Quote DB

"If I do something bad and there's no one there to catch me, does that make me good" 


The Simpsons Movie Mayhem Lisa and Maggie

Lisa, unlike her "kid" brother is a sensitive and intelligent child inheriting her mum's good sensibilities and common sense and her dad's.....

Well, her dads......

last name.

Lisa has a great amount of intelligence and sense of moral sensitivities making her unique in the Simpson's family and Springfield at large. She is often seen picking up the banner and demonstrating on some enviromental or green issue.

Homer and Marge often fight over who will meet Lisa's teachers on parents day rather then Bart's, which generally amounts to recieving an invioce for the property damage he has managed to incur over the period of the term.

Lisa quote:

 "You thought I couldn't, but I did and I could do it again".

Maggie, her baby sister has only ever been heard to say "Daddy", even after 20 years!

Generally Maggie is seen crawling around on all fours sucking on a pacifier ( that's a child's dummy for us English). Her proudest and probably most famous moment was when she led a breakout from the local Springfield Daycare Center.

Nearly always in a good mood Maggie leads an exciting life even as a pacifier (a dummy for any non-Americans! ;-)) sucking infant.

This  section of the four piece Movie Mayhem set features both Lisa and Maggie at the theater.

Maggie can be seen crawling and gurgling under the seat, pacifier in mouth,  grabbing for a stray donut on the movie theater floor in front of her. 

Lisa, as usual, is sitting studiously in her seat reading Homers Iliad.

Lisa measures approx 3 inches to the top of her head and the base is approx 2 inches wide and 5 inches in depth. Lisa's The

Simpsons Movie sound chip features her asking:

"I don't know if you guys should be talking so loud."

Maggie's sound chip is just the sound of her suckling on her pacifier.

The Simpsons Movie Mayhem Homer

Homer is your typical mid-American father and husband. He enjoys a beer with his workmates, watching TV and occasionally does some DIY, after Marge has nagged him a bit.

As Marge once confessed to a marriage guidance counselor he also forgets birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Some of his less endearing habits include scratching himself with his keys, eating with his mouth open and blowing his nose on towels and then putting them back.

Despite tis he is a devoted and loyal husband and he'll do just about anything for them, which he has often shown, although usually he ends up looking foolish.

Homer Quote:

"You tried you're best and failed miserably....The lesson is never to try"

Sat comfortably in his seat with a Mega Bucket of popcorn in his lap letting everyone know what he thinks of the movie Homer looks quite at home here.

This is the third section of the four piece movie mayhem set and measures approx 31/2 inches high, 2 inches wide and 5 inches in depth. Homer is articulated at the neck and shoulders and comes complete with a chair and mega bucket of popcorn.

Homer's The Simpsons Movie sound chip features the lines:

"I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on the TV for free." 


"If you ask me, everyone in this theater is a giant sucker, especially......."

The Simpsons Movie Mayhem Marge

Marge is what holds the family together, barely, like any mid-American housewife and mother.

She finely and expertly balances the necessities of buying Homer's beer and donuts with the needs of buying changes of clothing for the children as well as stopping any frivolous and unnecessary expenses such as an automatic garage door.

Marge is a dedicated wife and mother who stands by her man loyally, no matter what.

Marge Quote:

"Most women will tell you that you're a fool to think you can change your man. But those women are quitters."

This is the third section of the Movie Mayhem set and features Marge sitting quietly between Homer and Lisa, holding her movie program up to her face to hide her embarrassment as Homer noisily munches on his popcorn and heckles at the screen.

This piece is approxiamately 4 1/2 inches high to the top of Marge's hair, 2 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Comes complete with a movie seat., program and purse and is articulated at the neck and shoulders.

The Simpsons Movie sound chip with this figure includes the lines:

"Oh, I don't know Homie."

"Homer Simpson."

The Simpsons Movie Homer and Plopper in "Who's A Good Piggy?"

Homer plays with piggy and tickles his tummy.

The base of this figure measures approxamately 7 inches x 5 inches x 1 inch. Homer measures about 2 3/4 inches in height and piggy is about 1 1/2 inches at its highest point. Homer is only articulated at the neck on this figure.

Homer's The Simpsons Movie sound chip with this figure says:

"Who's a good pig? (grunt)

Who's a good pig? (grunt)

I'll give you a hint, I'm talking to him. That's right!"

The Simpsons Movie Bart & Flanders in "What you looking at?" Boxed Set.

Ned Flanders is always optimistic and cheerful, sometimes irritatingly so.

Religion has removed all doubt for him and left him secure in the knowledge that Heaven waits for him and his family.

For Ned the bible has all the answers and sometimes more than one answer, in fact often more than one different answer to the same question.

Ned even keeps kosher to be safe but all this contrasts starkly with his upbringing as his parents were beatniks who held no believes.

Flanders Quote:

"Well, cockily-doodily-doo little buddies"

This boxed set features Ned Flanders and Bart Simpson. The base is 6 1/2 inches round with Bart standing 2 1/2 inches in height and the crouching Ned Flanders measures about 3 1/2 inches. This box set also features a "Top Secret" character that won't be revealed until the movie is released.

The Simpsons Movie sound chip for this box set features Bart and Flanders:

Flanders: "What you looking at?"

Flanders: "You know, whenever my boys bake up a batch of frownies I take them fishing"

Flanders: "Well, this certainly seems odd, but who am I to question the work of The Almighty?"

Bart: "If you look real close you can almost- AHHHHH

Bart: "Jabbity Jabbity Jab Jab Jab"

Bart: "I'm troubled"

The Simpsons Movie Itchy & Scratchy in "Presidential Politics"

Itchy and Scratchy first teamed up in 1929 in Steamboat Itchy. Itchy isn't your typical mouse but a homicidal mouse who likes to impale, crush or mangle Scratchy the cat.

Scratchy is your typical everyday cat who likes to chase mice, particularly this mouse. But unfortunately he usually end up on the receiving end of Itchy's mad plans.

Here we see Itchy and Scratchy reunited in an all new out of this world adventure.

The moon shaped base of this boxed set is 6 1/2 inch round with Scratchy standing at a height of 2 1/2 inches at Itchy just over 2 inches.

Itchy and Scratchy's The Simpsons Movie sound chip say:

Hysterical laughter

Terrified screams

"We come in peace for cats and mice everywhere"

"I'm telling"

Note: Only available in specialist and hobby stores.

The Simpsons Movie Bart, Sherri, & Terri in "Doodle Double Dare" Boxed Set

Featuring Sherri & Terri, a pair of troublesome twins that are far from favourites of Bart's, this scene is rumoured to have been taken directly from The Simpsons Movie.

As part of a dare Bart is seen skateboarding through Springfield Central Park nude!

This box set features a nude Bart, complete with fig, on his skateboard circling the twins, the skateboard is motorised and at the press of a button will whizz around Terri and Sherri.

The base of this set measures approx 6 1/2 inches round with the figures standing approx 3 inches high.

Note: Only available in specialist and hobby stores.

Although I am quite happy with the look of The Simpsons Movie figures I can foresee that the biggest complaint from fans is probably going to be the lack of articulation on them.

Personally I prefer most of my figures with as little articulation in them as possible as often they cause the figures to look disjointed and uneven which I think destroys the overall look and feel of them.

Also I generally don't buy my figures to play with but to display. Some I will set up in dioramas I have made or to re-create a movie scene.

However, I understand that many fans and collectors like to be able to change their figures position and pose so like the flexibility that a fully articulated figure offers.

As they say, "you can't please all the people all the time" and IMHO these figures do not require a great deal of articulation.

Do you agree?

If not let me know why and I will publish you're comments ;-)

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