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The Redeemer, Avenger of the Innocent and Protector of Earth

Since the beginning of time The Redeemer has fought valiantly against the Forces of Darkness alongside the Council of Light. But now he has chosen a different path and a new crusade.

The Redeemer is another excellent figure to feature in this line. In fact I'm kind of torn between him and Overtkill... and Spawn X...

mmm but Tiffany is rather cute, don't you think?

The Redeemer's sculpt is excellent with his Wings and his body armor well designed.

The paintwork is also excellent with the colors complimenting each other perfectly. The wings are particularly well painted with fantastic attentention to detail and shading on the feathers.

Like Spawn X he comes loaded with accessories. I particularly like his sword but you have to take it apart at the hilt in order to pose him holding it, which is a tricky task to do without it breaking so be extremely careful!

Like Spawn he also comes with an interchangeable masked and unmasked head but only two interchangeable hands.

His unmasked face his that of a beautiful Aryan angel which although cartoonish has enough detail to make it visually pleasing.

His two interchangeable hands come with a helmet or without to go with the masked or unmasked heads.

He also has excellent articulation on the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists as well as hips giving him plenty of flexibility and a good variety of poses to choose from.

The heads and hands are also easily changed unlike some of the figures, the only real problem with this one is the sword which, as mentioned previously, you really need to be careful with.

All in all another excellent figure and definitely one of my favourites. If I had to choose 3 of the 6 I would go for Tiffany, The Redeemer and Spawn X, sorry Overtkill but...

Tiffany on consideration was a must, after all how could I say no to a woman with her stats :-) (sorry ladies).

His sculpting and paint job are excellent, he has good acessories and great posability.

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