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Who Can Stop The Marauder's Bloody Advance?

The Old Gods lay dead, slaughtered by the dark blade of the marauder, also named the Godslayer, as he cuts a bloody path towards the small island kingdom of Endra-La, the oldest and most fabled of the Shrouded Isles, guarded and protected by the beautiful and sexy Goddess Llyra.

the marauder  1 Based on the new Spawn: Godslayer comic book character The Marauder stands tall on an outcrop of rocks as he blows his massive war horn announcing his arrival and striking fear into the hearts of those who hear its' shrill cry.

the marauder 2 Fans of the Spawn: Godslayer comic book series will love this figure and if you're not already a fan then this will likely have your reaching for the phone to order the next issue.

The sculpt is very detailed and well proportioned and again Mc Farlanes artists have proved how well they can created a three dimensional figure from a two dimensional comic book character.

The attention to detail is fantastic and although he paintwork is fairly simple it is applied in such a way that it highlights the detail in the sculpting of this figure. It's almost as someone's opened the comic book and he's stepped out from the pages.

Spawn The Marauder stands 8.5 inches to the top of his war horn and includes detachable body armor and a massive cape.

His cape is a mixed blend of reds and shades giving it a natural look and feel.

Most striking are his piercing green eyes which also brings your attention to his menacing facial features which are reminiscent to those from Spawn the Dark Ages.

the marauder 3 This figure has articulation at the neck, biceps, wrists and waist. Another nice touch is that both his armor and cape are detachable, however this figure, like a few of the others, is made more to be a collectible "statue" figure rather than a posable toy as the movement in the joints is very limited and if moved the joints aren't particularly well aligned.

I think you'll agree when I say that this is another excellent figure which is sure to become a favorite.

The Godslayer series is a new and dramatic re-imaging of Spawn but it has all the ingredients of an epic tale of fantasy with ancient curses, doomed love and fallen kingdoms which I predict will make it a huge hit.

Look out for more action figures from this series in future lines...

I hope ;-)

the marauder 4

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