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Do You Have Any Terminator Figures?

Why are there so few Terminator Figures?

Despite becoming one of the most successful film franchises in Hollywood history there has been very little produced in the way of Terminator figures.


I've always found this to be rather puzzling as I'm a huge fan of the movies (with the exception of T3, which was OK but...)

Maybe it's because back in 1984 when the first movie premiered action figures were still perceived as being mainly for kids and the movie was more targeted more towards an adult market and therefore action figures were probably considered of little interest to their audience whereas other "adult" memorabilia and collectibles did well.

But after the phenomenal success of the first movie Kenner rectified matters when Terminator 2: Judgement Day was released with a series of Terminator action figures.

These new Terminator action figures, unlike todays, were obviously targeted at the children's market with little to no resemblance to the actual characters in the movie.

The first series of the Kenner Terminator figure included was released in 1991 and consisted of 14 figures. This series included many Terminators and weapons that weren't even featured in the movie but one of the star pieces was probably the awesome Ultimate Terminator figure.

This figure stood a full 13-inches in height and as well as having Cyborg eyes that glowed fiery red and battle noises he actually talked, saying 'Hasta La Vista Baby!" and "I'll Be Back!".

As well as the 14 figures in the first series (including a John Connor figure) there were three accessories released to go with them. These featured a Mobile Assault Vehicle, Heavy Metal Cycle and a Bio-Flesh Regenerator that enabled you to completely cover the metal skeleton of the Terminator with real skin to make him totally undetectable to humans!

This series was followed up by a "sub series" of figures in 1992. This second series of Terminator action figures consisted of eight new figures and a re-issue of the Ultimate Terminator figure.

After Carolco filed for bankruptcy in 1995 and as the company owned half the Terminator rights, the Terminators future looked uncertain but in 1996 Universal Studios open their T2 3-D: Battle Across Time, a 12-minute theme-park attraction, in Orlando

As a result Kenner released a set of "3D" Terminator action figures in 1997 featuring a John Connor figure (with motorbike) and five new Terminator figures.

There was only on exclusive Terminator figure released by Kenner Toys and this was an 11-inch figure sculpted by Randy Bowen that came in the Special Edition.

These Kenner figures were pretty basic even by those days standards and were obviously geared towards the "toy" market and as such were good attempts but many of the figures featured were poorly sculpted and painted.

It wasn't until 2003 that something came along to keep the "adult" collector happen with Mc Farlane Toys Movie Manics V which included a T-800 Endoskeleton figure.

Then in 2003, with the release of TS: Rise of the Machines, Mc Farlane Toys released a full series of Terminator figures from the new movie which featured two T-850 Terminator figure and two T-X Terminatrix Terminator action figures as well as a 12-inch T-850 Terminator figure and a T-850 vs T-X Terminatrix box set.

At the time of writing this I, along with thousands of other fans, am awaiting the latest additional to the Terminator series, T4: Salvation which looks really cool!

Not only that but with both Sideshow Toys and Hot Toys producing high quality figures, as well as NECA revisiting their T2 license, 2009 looks like it's going to be a good year for Terminator fans.

Now for the first time you can build a truly magnificent army of Terminators just like Skynets, or...

You can be a brave resistant fighter and fight for mankinds Salvation alongside John Connor.

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Hot Toys Terminator Figures

Marcus Wright Terminator Figure

John Connor

T-700 Terminator Factory Diorama

T600 Terminator Figure

T700 Terminator Action Figures

Hot Toys T-600 Weathered Rubber Terminator Salvation FigureHot Toys T-600 Weathered Rubber Terminator Salvation Figure

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Playmates Terminator Figures

Feature Terminator Figures- 10-12 inches

Marcus Wright- The unlikely hero with super human strength

T-R.I.P.- Resistance Infiltrator Prototype

T-700- Skynet's stronger, faster, and deadlier robot

T-600- Skynet's first leap into humanoid killing machines

Deluxe Terminator Figures 6-7.5 inches

Marcus Wright- The ultimate weapon in the war. But which side is he on?

John Connor- The future of the Resistance

T-R.I.P.-Resistance Infiltrator Prototype

T-700- Fresh off the assembly line and ready for battle

T-600- The heavy duty Terminator equipped with Minigun

T-1- The earliest Terminator model

Basic Figures 5-3.75 inches

Marcus Wright- The mysterious stranger who could save mankind

Battle Damaged Marcus Wright- Man or Machine? Friend or Foe?

Barnes- The battle-ready Resistance Soldier

John Connor- Leader of the Resistance

T-R.I.P.- Resistance Infiltrator Prototype

T-700- The next evolution of Terminators

T-600- The foot soldier of Skynet's army


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T-800 Terminator

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