Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set

by HD Writers
(Khi, Pak)

Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set 01

Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set 01

Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set 01 Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set 02 Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set 03

Sideshow Collectibles presents Star Wars Infintary Battle Doids Figure Set

The B1 Infantry Battle Droids made their first entry in the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace movie as they invaded the beautiful planet of Naboo.

These droids are fairly vulnerable and easy to destroy but they caused problem for the Jedi by their sheer numbers.

The battle droids served as the bulk of the Trade Federationís massive army and their body were designed to match the skeleton of their Neimoidian masters.

These droids were easy to manufacture and were produced on a massive scale in order to build up the huge armies of the Trade Federation, Techno Union and later the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Their programming is masculine based with the necessary combat intelligence and they follow their programming and the orders of their non-droid commanders.

The B1 droids are prone to creativity and acute decisiveness which renders them gullible for any intelligent enemy, they also have slow reflexes but can operate in almost any environment and on an open battle field, with their insurmountable numbers, they have been known to even slaughter multiple Jedi knights.

In the Clone Wars the Separatist army under Count Dooku and General Grievous made great use of these expendable B1 Infantry Droids, even though they were inferior compared to the B2 Super Battle Droids, and the dangerous Droideka units but their quick manufacturing and large numbers made up for their drawbacks and converted them into a formidable machine of war.

The Infantry Battle Droids 12 inch Figure features:

Two newly developed and fully articulated Battle Droid Bodies with over 20 plus points of articulation for each droid

Authentic and hand painted deco application with detailed weathering deco

Two detailed backpacks with droid identification numbering and extending antennae

Two E-5 Blaster Rifles

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