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Who, Or What Is Spawn?

Created in 1992 by writer/artist Todd Mc Farlane Spawn is one of the most popular and enduring anti-heroes of comic book history.

But do you know who is he, where he's from and what he's looking for?

Spawn, which was released in the 90's, enjoyed a huge popularity, which was very uncommon for a non-marvel character.

Todd McFarlane's main aim was to create a character as well known as Spiderman and Superman and other popular superheroes to prove to that an independent artist could make it without the backing of Marvel or DC and keep their artistic integrity intact.

But what started just as a comic book later developed into a movie, action figure, a tv series and finally a video game!

Perhaps the success of Spawn can be attributed to the fact that MacFarlane had already tasted success on Spiderman, where he was recognized both as an artist and a writer and was instrumental in the success of the Amazing Spiderman comics.

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The story starts with Al Simmons, a CIA agent, who is murdered by his boss, Jason Wayne after witnessing his indiscretions.

As a result Al Simmon's is sent to hell for his actions as a mercenary but he tries desperately to see his wife one last and In his efforts to do so he makes a deal with the Demon Malebolgia.

Simmons then becomes a general in hells army thus marking the birth of a Hellspawn but throughout the comic Spawn tries to stay in touch with his original human form in a bid to escape from Malebolgia's control.

Spawn is characterized by having different powers, including shape shifting but he cannot transform back into his initial human form.

It takes him five years to return back to earth after he becomes a Hellspawn and he discovers that his wife has remarried.

It is these two factors that cause Spawn to deviate from his original mission and the subsequent long and complicated story.

Spawn's history can be divided into various stages.


During Spawn's initial "phase" he fights various enemies both good and evil. One of these enemies is the Redeemer who is a transformed god-fearing man.

This encounter leads to his costume evolving into a more advanced form and it looses its original red color and becomes pure black and white.

His boots and gloves also change and are covered in spikes, the chains are also capable on shifting and acting independently of Spawn's control. The costume also feeds on souls

Heaven and Hell

In all his struggles, Spawn's main aim is to free himself from Hell's control and re-gain his humanity. During the process he encounters many severe and deadly attacks from both Heaven and Hell.

However, a new emissary from Greenworld, referred to as the Heap, provides him with abilities that help him overcome the attacks. These powers also help him control the natural elements of the earth.

New king of hell

In one of his many encounters Spawn meets and defeats Urizen, a dark God whose release is thought to have been facilitated by Malebolgia in a bid to gain control over all Hell's kingdoms.

Urizen's failure however leaves Malebolgia weakened and with very little power allowing Spawn, with the help of Angela, to return to Hell and destroy him but Angela dies in the process and spawn is offered the Hell's crown which he refuses to accept.

The Rebirth of Spawn

Spawn is returned to earth in body of Al Simmons by Cogliostro, but he is separated from his Hellspawn symbiote.

Al Simmons wanders the earth in a daze until he meets a witch, Nyx, who helps him reunite with his symbiote, thus Spawn is reborn but with lesser powers making it harder for him to accomplish his new purpose, righting the wrongs in the world and protect earth's citizen's from the battle between Hell and Heaven.


During Armageddon Spawn learns that there are many human souls trapped in his body, each of which can form a hellspawn.

There are also signs of the end of days coming which Spawn tries to prevent; he also learns the true nature of Hell, Heaven and Earth.

His former wife, Wanda, has had twins and it is they who are responsible for bringing Armageddon.

However, spawn is unable to destroy them and it's later revealed that one of the twins, Jake, is God and the other one, Katie is Satan.

Spawn is also told that Armageddon cannot be stopped because it's earth's destiny.

Dead Man Walking

This section of the storyline starts with a vampire called Severin, who thinking he has died wakes up to find himself on a mortuary table. Morana, who is an associate of Mammon's helps Severin recover his memories. Severin is then brought to Spawns warehouse where he infects him with his vampiric curse and he is rewarded with his death which is also coupled with the hellish experience of the moments leading to the infection of spawn.

End Game

There are many different storylines in the End Game period of the comic book including the battle between Spawns and his costume for control and it turns out that this has been orchestrated by Mammon.

Cyan, Wanda's daughter, is having visions that alert her that Spawn is about to do something terrible and so she stabs him with a knife that has a shoelace that once bound spawn's face.

Finally, Spawn returns to earth and searches the point where he was reborn as a Hellspawn in the beginning.

Here he blows his head off in his dispair but is reborn in the body of a patient in a hospital.

Using his new form spawn tries to search for answers about his life.


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