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Spawn X, McFarlanes Spawn Series 30 Action Figure

Born Al Simmons, Spawn X was granted amazing powers when he became forever joined with the Necro Stone, one of the 13 lost Relics of Ruin. Able to call upon the unique and powerful abilities of his Necro costume, a living costume originally created to aid the Forces of Darkness, Al protects mankind from the continuing battle between the Forces of Light and Dark...

Spawn X, the Protector of Man stands 7 inches tall and despite the "animation" has managed to retain most of his comic book appeal and look including his spikes and the M on his front.

His mask and cape look fantastic as does his high collar, all in all an excellently sculpted figure that's bound to please fans.

Other than a few stray marks the paintwork is also fairly even, clean and well applied.

hE has more articulation and accessories than the other figures so next to Overtkill he is also a favourite of mine, but...

so also is the Redeemer because he...

anyway back to Spawn X.

With articulation at the neck, shoulders, right elbow, wrists and left knee there are a variety of poses available to you.

And like some of the other figures he was fairly easy to move.

But where he really beats the rest is with the accessories with two interchangeable heads and four interchangeable hands.

The two heads will probably be a disappointment to true Spawn fans as beneath the the mask, on the unmasked version, is Al's regular face and not his "dead" face as in the comicbook.

But still both the heads have been well skulpted and painted. His hands even come as open or closed along with two guns which fit quite easily into his hands.

Both the heads and the arms pop on and off fairly easily as well which was also quite a pleasant surprise!

The Spawn range of figures has always been one of my favourite lines and am pleased to say that despite the changes and the animated look of this line it still remains one of my favourites.

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