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Spawn Series 31, Which Is Your Favorite?

With Spawn Series 31 Mc Farlane's have really excelled themselves by creating a highly successful and popular line with some very impressively sculpted and painted figures. These figures again show why Mc Farlane's are considered by many to the leaders in action figure sculpting these days.

This series is also a welcome return to Spawn's roots, after the mixed reaction to the Series 30 animated line of Spawn figures, with a mix of characters from the different Spawn comic book releases.

Packaged in the now standard clamshell packaging it's Mc Farlanes attention to detail even here that is evident in this line because each figure is packed in such a way that they can be displayed perfectly well mint in there boxes as some collectors prefer.

I however prefer to open mine up and "play" with them a bit before displaying.  

Each figure also comes with an insert giving background information on each along with some superb artwork.

Spawn Series 31 features the Goddess Llyra, the beautiful and sexy Protector of Endra-La a small island kingdom in a far distant age, from the one off comic book Spawn: Godslayer. This epic tale of fantasy, lost love, ancient curses and fallen kingdoms is a dramatic re-imagining of the Spawn series.

But can she protect them from the coming threat of the Marauder and his dark blade?

Cutting a bloody path across the Worlds, slaying the Old Gods one by one with his dark sword the mysterious and unearthly Marauder, also called the Godslayer advances. in the distance he eyes the small kingdom of Endra-La and the beautiful Goddess who protects them. Setting his sails he turns towards them and...


Spawn Series 31 also introduces a nightmare vision rises above the flames of hell, his skeletal fingers outstretched beckoning you to him, will you succumb to his whim? This vision of the Nightmare Spawn character from the Hellspawn series of comic books is...

A ghoulish and demonic figure screams his rage, fists clenched high in the air. Created by man using cybernetics and fabric from Spawns own cape, Necro Cop has been a fan favorite since his debut in Spawn: Simony. In Spawn Series 31 he is...

Fully armed and vaulting into action Spawn 11 is one of the best Al Simmons / Spawn figures from Mc Farlanes over recent years. Complete with armor and spikes he will be instantly recognisable to hardcore fans who will also be pleased to see...

With his huge double bladed battle axe and shield held ready, Lord Covenant looks threatening and challenging, a lone figure ready to take on anyone and everyone who dares to step forward. A magnificent reproduction of the...

Spawn Series 31 Action Figures

The Goddess Llyra

Spawn The Marauder

Spawn 11

Nightmare Spawn

Lord Covenant

Necro Cop

Spawn Series 32: The Adventures of Spawn 2

Spawn Series 32: The Adventures of Spawn 2

Spawn Series 31: Other Worlds

Spawn Series 30: The Adventures of Spawn

Spawn Medicom

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