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Spawn Series 30, The Adventures of Spawn

Spawn Series 30, The Adventures of Spawn, Only one Relic short of the Accursed Lord Malebolgias return, one Relic short of total domination of all time and dimensions the Powers of Darkness are advancing, seemingly unstoppable.

Only one thing stands in their way...

Spawn Series 30 takes a whole new fresh look at the Spawn Mythos, taking inspiration from the Saturday morning cartoons and comicbooks of a bygone era....

Not only does it give some of the main characters a re-vamp, although they will remain recognisable to fans, but the storyline has also been updated and softened.

In order to do this new line justice Mc Farlane's have released an exclusive Spawn Series 30: The Adventures of Spawn online comic introducing them to new fans.

Mc Farlane's Spawn Series 30: The Adventures of Spawn Online Comic

The overall look of Spawn Series 30 is more "animated", and "softer" than previous releases and is obviously aimed at trying to capture the teen market which has so far remained elusive due to it's previously more adult nature.

However despite the sculpting of the figures being more animate and "cartoonish", Mc Farlane's have done an excellent job in creating this new look which will give Spawn a whole new lease of life to a much wider audience.

All of the characters in Spawn Series 30 have been translated to a broader, less detailed animated style with McFarlanes usual care and artistic flare. As a result they remain both appealing to the eye and the prportions are good, which is often overlooked in animated figures.

All the figures come packaged in the now standard "clamshell" format with some excellent artwork. Each figure has it's picture and bio on the back which is also a nice touch giving fans an insight to the new storyline.

Overall as an animated line Spawn Series 30 are excellent figures, well sculpted, artistically painted and with detail far superior to many other animated figures available.

Mc Farlanes have done a great job of transforming the comicbook characters into a more appealing "cartoon" style figure for a wider, and probably younger audience.

All that said these ARE still Mc Farlane figures and are probably NOT aimed at the childrens toy market.

If they are then I can foresee the following issues...

  • high price tag (for a kids toy)
  • easy to break
  • too brittle
  • little articulation and what there is isn't easy to use
  • arms and heads are difficult to interchange
  • paintwork easily damaged or chipped
  • As a result I would still firmly put these in the Adults Collectibles category as, for all intents and purposes, they really ARE NOT made to be played with, unlike your good old Action Man ;-).

    Variant Alert

    Oh, by the way don't forget there are TWO versions of Tiffany, one with pupils in her eyes and one with completely WHITE eyes (as in the comic).

    For a full review of the individual figures available in Spawn Series 30 please click on the link below.


    Spawn X

    The Redeemer

    Omega Spawn



    Lord Mammon

    But now for a quick synopsis of the new storyline...

    ... Many Millennia ago a great war raged between the forces of Good and Evil, a war so great and fierce that it was tearing reality apart. Both sides suffered huge losses, but still they continued to fight, neither wishing to concede to the other. But as the years and centuries wore on, they were forced to retreat and although small battles and skirmishes still occurred an uneasy truce fell over the universe.

    Then came the relics...

    Thirteen powerful artifacts fashioned by ancient and powerful gods with long forgotten magic and unimaginable powers.

    Each Relic has it's own unique magic and powers to bestowed upon its controller.

    Individually, each has the power to wield and manipulate great energies and magic, together they have the ability to grant their owner unforetold and unspeakable powers with which to reign and control with total domination over all time and dimensions.

    And so began a frantic search by the powers of Light and Darkness for these mysterious, magical and powerful relics, a search that still continues to this day. These relics have since come to be known as the 13 Relics of Ruin.

    A small group of villains have gathered to find one of the Relics of Ruin, known as the Awakening Stone. Once they have achieved their goal and have the Awakening Stone in their grasp they plan to use it's powers to free their Master, The Accursed Lord Malebolgia.

    Then together they will destroy the Powers of the Light and bring about the worlds end in order to dominate all time and dimensions and Darkness will finally truimph.

    But who are these villains, these slaves of Darkness?

    First we have Overtkill, Marcus "Tank" Howzer, once a co-member of Project: Codename, along with Al Simmons.

    Then there's Cy-Gor another by-product of Project: Codename. Cy-Gor, short for Cybernetic Gorilla.

    Next is Tiffany, once a member of the highly revered and honoured Warrior Elite and member of the Council of Light, she now fights for the Powers of Darkness.

    Last, but by no means least, there is Lord Mammon, one of the most feared and powerful Lords to hold power in the hierarchy of the Forces of Darkness.

    Only one thing stands in their way...

    A small band of heroes thrown together by unforeseen circumstances and luck but little are they aware that they are the only thing that stands between the Power of Darkness and the end of the world...

    and possibly of all time.

    Who are this band of hapless heroes, and where did they come from?

    Al Simmons, AKA Spawn X, the epitome of the American dream.

    The Redeemer, once a commander of the elite Winged Guard, an attack force that once fought fearlessly against the Forces of Darkness

    Built in 1889 by a mad scientist, Novel Peabody, Omega Spawn was one of a series of robots built to help him in his ambition to conquer the World.

    And so the enemies of man gather against Spawn X, their new protector, and his allies who pit themselves in the middle of the endless war between The Forces of Light and Dark, holding each accountable for their crimes against humanity.

    McFarlanes Spawn Series 30 figures

    Spawn Series 30: The Adventures of Spawn


    Spawn X

    The Redeemer

    Omega Spawn



    Lord Mammon

    Spawn Homepage

    Spawn Series 32: The Adventures of Spawn 2

    Spawn Series 31: Other Worlds

    Spawn Series 30: The Adventures of Spawn

    Spawn Medicom

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