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The Sorcerers Dragon Clan, Mc Farlanes Dragons Series 5

Usually found living in thick forests the Sorcerers Dragon is probably the most clever of all dragonkind with the ability to control powers beyond their own natural abilities.

sorcerers dragon 1

Crafty and ingenious they have kept alive a system of rune-writing long forgotten by others. Members of the Sorcerers Clan also gain much strength from the manipulation and assistance of other powers and abilities beyond those of their own.

komodo dragon 2 This impressive figure is painted in a vibrant blue and orange color scheme which really makes him stand out.

Unlike the other figures this dragon is alot more "serpent" like with four legs and no wings. Despite this he is still quite stunning and is a very impressive addition to the Scorers Clan.

sorcerers dragon 2 The sculpting is very detailed and impressive with only a few very minor faults around some of the joints. The paint application is also extremely good and detailed with an excellent use of shades and colors.

The paint has generally been applied well and very evenly but there are a few minor faults around the joints. The pose and intricacies of this dragon and the base make an excellent diorama which again shows how much better this series is to previous.

sorcerers dragon 3 The Sorcerers Dragon featured here crouches amidst three glowing magical orbs, that according to Chinese legends are where they get their unique powers from whilst clutching another tightly in his massive talons.

In his other hand he clutches a terrified and beautiful maiden who struggles to free herself from his hold as he watches her quizzically.

Unfortunately, and unlike Mc Farlanes, it is difficult to make out any of her detail due to her size, whereas normally McFarlane's would make much of such a damsel in distress.

This impressive figure and stands 7 1/4 inches in height with articulation at the top of the neck, shoulders and hips.

sorcerers dragon 4 Overall a very stunning and beautifully presented figure. The detail, sculpting, and paintwork make this figure a great addition to this line despite its seemingly simplistic nature and pose.

A very interesting and welcome addition to the series and the Sorcerers Dragon Clan.

Each figure also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, and includes some excellent photos.

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