Sodic Launches New Compound Called Eastown in Cairo

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Eastown project is being created to satisfy all the needs of its inhabitants. Nice strategic location together with great leisure and outdoor opportunities give distinguishing advantages to the complex comparing to the other projects on the market that may be you are still considering. Let’s see why Eastown project in Cairo is so peculiar.

The compound is situated near the new campus of the American university in Cairo and not so far from the airport. Living in flourishing communities of New Cairo will give you a possibility to enjoy fresh not polluted air and at the same time live your life fully due to the closeness of good infrastructure.Inside the compound the traffic is kept to a minimum and the buildings are perfectly integrated into landscape. Everything is done for you to have more sustainable and greener living.

You will be able to visit lifestyle shops and designers’ boutiques as well as gourmet delicatessens, cafes and restaurants. It’s a premium space with best shopping and entertainment possibilities! You will see how Eastown becomes the vibrant hub of New Cairo area.

In Eastown complex there is the range of different residential options. If you are looking for a villa for sale in Eastown Cairo, you can find the option of perfect duplexes of about 250 square meters sold with the garden. You will always enjoy comfort of private life that will be multiplied with the benefits that a residential complex provides.

The principle of mixed-use environments is adopted in Eastown. It means that you can live and work at the same area. You can enjoy walking as a mean of transportation. Whenever you want to do shopping, go to work, watch the movie or have a delicious dinner – everything you need for a daily living will be so close!

Thus the neighborhoods of Eastown combine all the aspects of life. There is the space for everything: residences, retail shops and offices. The planners, landscapers and architects did their best to integrate creative solutions and findings in design of the residences and landscape, so that Eastown is really proud to be a community forlife, recreation and work.

Your decision to find a villa for sale in Eastown Cairo can be one of the most valuable decisions in your life as it can bring you to the new stage of comfort living! You will be living in one of the perfectly designed contemporary buildings surrounded by beautifully landscaped piazzas and parks. You will enjoy your private life in this completely new complex and you can always find nice company to spend time or make friends with, so you can enjoy the neighborhood as well.

Eastown is structured around two areas: residential and commercial. You will admire calm residential districts with parks and pedestrian spaces with tree lines. There are jogging paths everywhere – they are linking both residential and commercial neighborhoods. The east end of the town is mostly commercial, so you can spend nice time vising the shops and restaurants you like as well as enjoy the nightlife.

You are worth to have new living standards and Eastown can provide you everything that you dream about! Don’t hesitate to visit Eastown to see everything with your own eyes and to get the residence of your dream! When you are there for a visit, you will want to stay there for living – you’ll see!

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