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shining wind, shining tears

What is Shining Wind ?

Shining Wind is a part of Sega's Shining series of console games that was introduced in 1991. This was Sega's first venture the RPG genre and although initially it "borrowed" styles that Nintendo and other developers pioneered it has since carved out its own niche.

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shining wind, shining tears

The Shining Wind action role-playing game was developed by Nextech and Amusement Vision and was released on May 17, 2007 in Japan, the 18th game in the Shining video game series.

It is also the sequel to Shining Tear with many of the characters appearing in both titles. The two games also inspired Shining Tears X Wind, an anime adaptation of the two games that began airing in early April 2007 the Shining series of games includes :

shining wind, shining tears

Dungeon crawler titles which are basic RPG games, where the player takes control of an adventuring party. It a very simple labyrinth exploration game, with a simplified non explorable town and world map and choices are made through a cursor system.

The Strategy titles are a bit more complex as the player takes charge of a party in large-scale, strategic battles. These games however, generally limited the number of characters that could enter a battle to about a dozen, unlike some that allowed over a hundred. Also the player can only control unique troops; there are no generic footmen, archers, or cavalry.

shining wind, shining tears

Then there are the Action RPG titles which weren't based on the turn-based combat system. Most of the games in this category didn't necessarily have any noticeable similarity in gameplay.

Many of the character from the different games are inter-linked and appear in different titles. Also the other titles in the series are often referenced to or discussed in the games themselves. Probably the two most connected games in the entire Shining series are Shining Wind and Shining Tears as they are direct sequels.

The main heroes of Shining Wind are Kiriya, your typical schoolboy, and his best friend Seena. The two are mysteriously transported to another, decidedly medieval land called Endias. Here Kiriya discovers he's one of the "Soul Bladers," warriors who can use the mystical Soul Blade, a sword that can be drawn out from people's hearts. Kiriya draws the Blade from his mostly-female partners, and then uses it in conjunction with his main sword. Therefore, in practice, the Soul Blade is completely secondary and meant to put some flair into your attack combos.

The Shining Series of Games

This is a full list of Shining games:

  • 1991 Shining in the Darkness Sega Genesis
  • 1992 Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention Sega Genesis
  • 1992 Shining Force Gaiden Sega Game Gear
  • Never released outside Japan; remade as part of Shining Force CD

  • 1993 Shining Force Gaiden 2 Sega Game Gear
  • Released in the US as Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya

  • 1993 Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing Sega Genesis
  • 1994 Shining Force CD Sega CD
  • Contains remakes of Shining Force Gaiden I and II and a new scenario.

  • 1995 Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict Sega Game Gear
  • Never officially released in English; however, fan translations are available.

  • 1995 Shining Wisdom Sega Saturn
  • 1996 Shining the Holy Ark Sega Saturn
  • 1997 Shining Force III Scenario 1 Sega Saturn
  • Released in the US and Europe as Shining Force III.

  • 1998 Shining Force III Scenario 2 Sega Saturn
  • Never officially released in English; however, fan translations are available.

  • 1998 Shining Force III Scenario 3 Sega Saturn
  • Never officially released in English; however, fan translations are available.

  • 2002 Shining Soul Game Boy Advance
  • This was the first game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture (all previous ones were developed by Camelot Software); all games from this point onward are not considered part of the same continuity as the pre-Soul games.

  • 2003 Shining Soul II Game Boy Advance
  • 2004 Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Game Boy Advance
  • An enhanced remake of Legacy of Great Intention, not considered canon.

  • 2004 Shining Tears PlayStation 2
  • 2005 Shining Force Neo PlayStation 2
  • 2005 Shining Road to the Force Japanese mobile phones

    The first non-remake strategy Shining game in over seven years.

  • 2005 Shining Force Chronicle I Japanese mobile phones Remake of Shining Force Gaiden
  • 2005 Shining Force Chronicle II Japanese mobile phones Remake of Shining Force Gaiden 2
  • 2006 Shining Force Chronicle III Japanese mobile phones Remake of Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
  • 2006 Shining Road II Japanese mobile phones
  • 2007 Shining Force EXA PlayStation 2
  • 2007 Shining Wind PlayStation 2
  • Thus far unreleased outside of Japan

  • 2008 Shining Wind X Japanese mobile phones
  • 2009 Shining Force Feather Nintendo DS
  • 2009 Shining Force Cross Arcade
  • 2010 Shining Hearts Playstation Portable
  • Third game in the series with characters designed by Tony Taka.

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What Other Shining Wind Collectors Have Said

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Shining Wind Xiao-Mei Figure  Not rated yet
Antique shop owner by day and mysterious thief by night, the cat girl Xiao-mei hides a lot of secrets under her friendly smile and cheerful disposition. …

Shining Wind Seena Kanon Figure Not rated yet
Seena Kanon is the girl who goes through thick and thin with you in Shining Wind.

True to her passionate personality, her heart sword, Guren, holds …

Shining World Strangers Phantom Ex-Xecty Figure  Not rated yet
Phantom Ex-Xecty is not just a dark elf, all battle prowess is awakened when she enters this form - she's a lethal instrument, a deadly beautiful one. …

Shining Force Feather Alfin Figure  Not rated yet
The theme is the flame and the image color is red. The core unit and main heroine of Shining Force Feather transforms herself into the fire bird. Alfin …

Shining Wind 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Xecty Eve Not rated yet
Xecty the battle elf has reverted back to her most ancient form. Black hair transformed into a pale wheat color, the green Lolita style military dress …

Shining Wind Elwing (Goddess of Forrest) Figure Not rated yet
Elwing, in her filmy dress and sensual pose, comes from the cover of Tony Taka's art book Tony's Artwork From Shining World. Kotobukiya brings out the …

Shining Wind Xecty (Goddess of Wind Version) Not rated yet
There are two elves on Tony Taka's Shining Wind art book, one of them is the goddess of the forest Elwing, and the other is the goddess of the wind Xecty. …

Shining Wind 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Xecty (Military Version) Not rated yet
Designed by Tony Taka, Xecty the war elf is here to show her military colors. Soft frills, ribbons and the hard edge of the blade form a sharp contrast. …

Shining Force Feather 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Alfin Not rated yet
The heroine, Takamori Haruka, from Tyoukousennin Haruka has transformed herself into a legendary ninja that uses both the kunai in her hands and her charm …

Shining Wind 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Clalaclan (Philias Armour Version) Not rated yet
Even the most powerful servant feels the need to remove her heavy armor and skirts and loosen up for the summer. Sculpted according to her swim suit scenarios …

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