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Own An Original Robocop Movie Poster

Robocop was originally released in June 1987 and became an instant success and has since gained a cult following that has resulted in a number of Robocop spin offs and sequels.

Originally given an X certificate the director cut some of the more violent scenes in order to get a R certification.

The movie grossed $8 million in it's first weekend and went on to make almost $54 million in North America.

Although it wasn't the highest grossing movie of the year the movie has endured over the years and the character has remained popular particularly in European markets.

The central character in the movie is Alex J Murphy and is set in Detroit were violent crime is running rampant and the Detroit Police force are becoming overwhelmed.

As result the city decides to outsource the police force to Omni Consumer Products (OCP).


Alex Murphy a dedicated veteran cop of the Detroit police force is newly assigned to the Metro West Precinct and is partnered with Anne Lewis. After a bank robbery Alex and Anne track down the gang to an abandoned steel mill were they proceed to follow them despite backup being unavailable.

Boddicker, the gangs viscous leader who is wanted by the police for several violent crimes, and his seven man gang manage to capture Alex and proceed to viscously and sadistically shoot him up leaving him barely alive.

As his life passes before him he is vaguely away of being taken to hospital, of his partner Anne being at his side and of dieing in an emergency room.

After this Alex is "rebuilt" and programmed as OCP's answer to the cities problems and it's violent crime as Robocop. The experiment becomes a complete success as Robocop "cleans up" the city using often brutal and violent means with a seemingly complete disregard for the Miranda rights.

He has four main directives which govern his behaviour which are:

1. Serve the public trust 2. Protect the innocent 3. Uphold the law

The fourth directive however remains classified even to Robocop until near to the end of the film. However it all becvomes clear to him after he incarcerates Boddicker for the death of Alex Murphy and finds out that Boddicker is in fact being paid by one of OCP's executives, Dick Jones.

However when he attempts to arrest Jones for his crimes the fourth directive, which forbids him to arrest any senior OCP staff, kicks in rendering him incapable of carrying out his action.

At this moment Jones summons his own project, the Ed-209, to finish him off.


After a gun battle Murphy manages to escape with the help of his former partner Anne Lewis to the same abandoned mill where he was murdered. Jones releases Boddicker, providing him with weapons, to track them down and destroy them.

Gathering together his "crew" or gang they go after Murphy and Lewis with the help of a tracking system which shows them exactly where they are. During the resulting gun fight Lewis and Robocop kill Boddicker and his gang.

Robocop then goes to the OCP Headquarters to confront Dick Jones. At the OCP Headquarters Robocop interrupts a board meeting and plays the recording of Jones confession of his rivals murder.

Dick Jones panics and grabs the Company's Chairman, threatening to kill him, which causes the Chairman to blurt out "Dick, you're fired" which in turn releases Robocop from his fourth directive and he shoots Dick Jones.

The film ends with the old man turning to Robocop and commenting "Nice shot son, what's you're name?" to which Robocop smiles and replies," Murphy".

This McFarlanes wall hanging beautifully recreates the original movie poster in a new and unique 3D format. Approx 12"x8"x1" this would look equally good on your desk, or in a diplay cabinet if you can't find enough wall space for it.

The 3D effect on this is excellent adding a whole new dimension, pun intended, to the poster.

McFarlane's have also taken care to reproduce the original poster in it's entirety with their usual superb attention to detail.

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