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Resident Evil (The Game)

As I was preparing myself to write this piece about the Resident Evil videogame, my mind kept wandering off into "flashback mode" into how I used to play this survival horror game which made it quite difficult for me to focus on covering this topic.

Images of flesh eating zombies, ugly rabid canines, giant tarantulas, walking poisonous plants and the sweet array of guns at my disposal comes flashing by before my eyes each time I try to write!

So I decided that the only way for me to get back to writing was to play the game again and hopefully be able to give a straight review this time.

To start with, the Resident Evil game originated from and is known in Japan as "Biohazard" and developed by Capcom. The inaugural title of the Resident Evil series was originally released in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation console.

R.E. is a single player shoot-your-way- through-the-crowd type of videogame and was the first video game of its genre and it became an immediate hit for gamers the world over. Since then, the R.E. franchise has gone on its way to become one of the most popular video game titles in every gaming platform in this modern era.

So popular in fact that Hollywood has made three blockbuster films as an adaptation to the video game!

The game opens in the fictional Raccoon City, a Midwestern town, where a number of grisly murders have taken place on the outskirts of town. All the victims were attacked by a group of still unidentified assailants who left some grisly evidence of cannibalism. From then on, the nightmare begins...

As you weave your way through mindless zombies and other beings infected by a virus known as the T-virus which was developed by a company called the Umbrella Corporation with intentions to use it for biological warfare.

This virus outbreak is now the reason why people have turned into mindless flesh-eaters, instantly infecting anyone with one bite.

There are several stages in every version of Resident Evil and what makes the game so cool, aside from shooting everything that moves, is the interactive aspect of the game. There are several puzzles which you have to solve in order to open doors and advance to the next location or scenario.

Boredom is not even present here since there are challenges in every scenario to keep you on your toes. I can safely say that it is a "thinking man's game" for you have to plan every move you make, what to bring in your limited capacity "items" menu, or be alert for clues scattered all over the place.

All of these are an integral part to the game's progress and if you ever left an essential item in the crate, chances are you will not succeed to finish the game.

Geez! I could still imagine shooting the crap out of every freakin' zombie that tried to take a bite at me!

Simply put, playing the game is a pure adrenaline rush!

For first timers, they better get prepared to get dizzy at first what with all the running and evasive maneuvering. Although it's not in first-person mode, there are some scenes were it is and it could get quite uncomfortable until you get the hang of the gameplay and the controls. If you do finish the game, you could unlock the bonus mini-games or acquire BIG GUNS with unlimited ammo! Gatling gun, anyone?

Since its debut, Capcom has already produced different versions and sequels for the title for each version of the Sony PlayStation game console, Microsoft Xbox 360 and even for PC. With each sequel, Capcom has produced better graphics and gameplay interface compared to the previous release.

But be assured that even if you only have the older titles such as R.E. 2 or R.E. 4 titles to play with, it is still worth playing for hours on end.

Now if only I could pony up a brand new PS3 and the R.E. 5 title...

  • Platforms:
  • Sony PlayStation 1, 2 and 3
  • Nintendo Gamecube, DS, Wii
  • Microsoft X-Box 360, Windows PC
  • Sega Saturn

Resident Evil (The Movie)

The Resident Evil movie is based on Capcom's video game hit series of the same name. For those who have seen the Resident Evil movie trilogy without any expectations or knowledge of the game's storyline or importance, they are in for a little disappointment due to the fact that there is more action than drama involved in the game the movie was based on.

The film follows the exploits of Milla Jovovich as an amnesiac heroine named Alice going rogue against Umbrella Corporation, a secretive conglomerate that was responsible for all the madness that has ensued in the movie. The film was originally titled as "Resident Evil: Ground Zero" and was regarded as a prequel to the games. But the subtitle was removed due to the September 11 attacks on U.S. soil thus the producers simply named it as "Resident Evil".

In the first film, it was illustrated that an unknown saboteur had stolen samples of a virus and freed one canister into the laboratory's atmosphere. All hell broke loose when this secret experiment, a deadly virus called T-virus, created an epidemic which turned every living being into flesh-hungry zombies.

Alice, together with a commando team, fought their way out of the facility and into high ground in order to survive the carnage brought about by the virus outbreak.

The T-virus here was described to have the ability to reanimate dead cells and was initially designed to combat ageing and fight nerve-based diseases. But the virus has a mutative quality so strong that it can turn its host into the undead. One bite or scratch from the infected causes a nasty infection and much worse, transformation into their kind.

In its experimental stage, the virus was not perfected for its intended use since it was more volatile than your ex-girlfriend's tantrums. Now if by chance you get bitten by an infected being, you have to plan your funeral on short notice for there is no known antidote to permanently eradicate the disease.

The film was commercially successful worldwide, although it movie received somewhat of a negative reception from hardcore gamers and fans of Resident Evil.

But as the movie was deemed financially successful, the producers have since gone on to release two sequels titled Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) and Resident Evil: Extinction (2007).

The Apocalypse storyline was ripped off from the Nemesis game wherein Umbrella created a new monster (Nemesis) with the sole purpose of pitting it against Alice to determine which strain of the virus was more effective for continued experimentation.

The third installment (Extinction) was focused more on the Umbrella Corporation creating clones of Alice to create a perfect specimen going further to develop a new strain of the virus.

The Resident Evil movie franchise has gone on to become one of the most popular action-horror movies based on a gaming platform but the borrowed elements from the Resident video game actually didn't do much justice to the game itself.

It was, in my opinion, akin to stealing an idea and modifying it for your own financial benefit.

With this said, the movie is still a good watch if you have no clue as to the origins of the storyline and it doesn’t hurt too that Milla Jovovich has played a good lead role in the movie. Here’s hoping that they could get someone fitting to portray Ada Wong’s character.

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