terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures

Playmates 3.75 Basic Terminator Figures

Battle Damaged Marcus
Terminator Figures Review

John Connor
Terminator Figure Review

Can humanity survive?

Finally after a wait of 25 years you can finally build an army of Terminator figures!

With T4: Salvation due to open in May, 2009 the anticipation is mounting as millions of eager fans await the next installment of the Terminator saga.

These fully articulated 3 3/4-inch tall Terminator action figures come with multiple accessories and are screen accurate.

These figures from Playmates feature some of their best work to date.

I must admit to having let out a big groan of utter disbelieve and disappointment when I first heard Playmates had been granted the license to create T4: Salvation figures.

I have always been a huge fan of the film and it has always been a source of frustration that there has been little in the way of decent Terminator figures in the past.

However, I set my preconceptions aside and I must admit that after the intial pictures were released and having seen and read a lot more about thses it seems that Playmates might actually do this line justice, it certainly seems that all the feedback to date has been fairly positive.

Let's also not forget that the 3.75 range IS meant for kids and to be played with and NOT as a collectible.

Bearing this in mind, and the fact that these will be mass produced Playmates seem to have done a remarkably good job with these Terminator figures.

These 3 3/4-inch tall action figures are fully articulated, and come with multiple accessories pretty much as they appear in the movie.

Each of the film's main heroes are represented, i.e John Connor, Marcus Wright, and the Terminator robots.

And with Multiple Terminator figures and styles you can finall create your very own Skynet army!

This set features

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures

Marcus Wright

Marcus Wright is a stranger in a new world.

Everywhere he looks, he sees things he's never seen before.

Hunter-Killers, Aerostats, Harvesters and Hydrobots- lethal, aquatic Terminators that prowl the water for any sign of humanity.

Marcus comes face to face with these beasts and survives.

But the Hydrobots do enough damage to Marcus for him to realize!

there's more to him than he once thought.

Send Me Marcus 3 3/4" Terminator Action Figure- Shipped from the UK

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures

Battle Damaged Marcus Wright

Marcus Wright has survived every kind of Terminator Skynet has built: T-1's, T-600's, T-700's and the dreaded T-800.

He has risen as a proficient fighter, a lethal killer.

But as his body becomes more damaged, it becomes clear that termination might be exactly what he was designed to do.

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures


Judgment Day has come and gone.

The human resistance is no match for the machines of Skynet.

They are weaker, slower and capable of feeling pain.

But the humans have something that the machines lack – instinct and imagination.

And they will have to use everything they have to fight back, take back the world and live on.

Send Me 3.75'' Resistance Soldier Barnes Terminator Figure- Shipped from the USA

Send Me Barnes 3 3/4" Terminator Action Figure- Shipped from the UK

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures

John Connor

John Connor was almost never born.

His mother was targeted for Termination before he was even conceived.

He never asked to be the savior of the human race, it was a destiny forced upon him as a boy and now a burden he must carry after the bombs have fallen.

Resourceful, lethal and brave, it is John Connor who will rise from the ashes and lead the motley, human resistance in an epic battle for survival.

Send Me John Connor 3 3/4" Terminator Figure- Shipped from UK

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures


This is the Terminator figure that started it all when it was sent back in time in 1984 to terminate Sarah Connor.

Now we see where it all began...

and bad news for the Resistance, there isn't only one.

There are hundreds almost ready to come off the assembly line.

With this new breed of Terminator about to mobilize, the Resistance finds itself on the brink of extinction. But the fight has just begun.

Send Me3.75'' T-800 Terminator Figure - Shipped from the USA

Send Me T-R-I-P Resistance Infiltrator Prototype 3 3/4" Terminator Action Figure- Shipped from the UK

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures

T-700 Terminator Figures

The T-700 is Skynet's foot soldier.

No need for disguise here.

These killing machines move in armies to wipe out resistance hold outs.

This machine is sleeker, faster and smarter than its T-600 predecessor.

The human resistance will be no match for the killing power of even one of these Terminators.

But it's what comes next that could doom the resistance forever.

Send Me 3.75'' T-700 Terminator Figures - Shipped from the USA

Send Me T-700 3 3/4" Terminator Action Figures - Shipped from the UK

terminator figures, terminator figure, terminator action figures


The missing link in the evolution of Skynet.

The first of what Kyle Reese called Infiltrators.

These massive, lumbering killers resemble the form of a human - but their leathery, lifeless masks are no cover for what they really are - Terminators.

Send Me 3.75'' T-600- Terminator - Shipped from the USA

Send Me T-600 3 3/4" Terminator Action Figures - Shipped from the UK

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3.75 Basic Terminator Figure Reviews

Review - Terminator Salvation 3.75-inch T-700:

I'm gonna have to say that out of all of May's big movie releases --- and, as you know, there are several --- the upcoming Terminator Salvation film is the one I'm looking forward to the most.And, luckily for us, not only does the movie look great but also the toy series --- especially the 3.75-inch series...(read more on

What do you think? Do you love these or hate them? Add your review in the box opposite and let us know!

Terminator: Salvation 3 3/4 Action Figures

Playmates Toys, probably best known for there long running Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek and World of Springfield action figure lines, picked up the license for the Terminator: Salvation toys. They are producing action figures in three scales - 3 3/4", 6" and 10"...(read more on

The Terminator Franchise: Where Did It All Begin?

Who Made The First Terminator Figures?

Pre-order Terminator Figures and Collectibles

Buy Terminator Action Figures and Collectible

Terminator Store

- Whether young or old, fanboy or collector, whether for a gift, present or pleasure it's all here. Toys, DVDs, Books and Collectibles. Why not come in and browse around ;-)

Hot Toys Terminator Figures

Marcus Wright Terminator Figure

John Connor

T-700 Terminator Factory Diorama

T600 Terminator Figure

T700 Terminator Action Figures

Hot Toys T-600 Weathered Rubber Terminator Salvation FigureHot Toys T-600 Weathered Rubber Terminator Salvation Figure

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Terminator 2 Figures

Playmates Terminator Figures

Feature Terminator Figures- 10-12 inches

Marcus Wright- The unlikely hero with super human strength

T-R.I.P.- Resistance Infiltrator Prototype

T-700- Skynet's stronger, faster, and deadlier robot

T-600- Skynet's first leap into humanoid killing machines

Deluxe Terminator Figures 6-7.5 inches

Marcus Wright- The ultimate weapon in the war. But which side is he on?

John Connor- The future of the Resistance

T-R.I.P.-Resistance Infiltrator Prototype

T-700- Fresh off the assembly line and ready for battle

T-600- The heavy duty Terminator equipped with Minigun

T-1- The earliest Terminator model

Basic Figures 5-3.75 inches

Marcus Wright- The mysterious stranger who could save mankind

Battle Damaged Marcus Wright- Man or Machine? Friend or Foe?

Barnes- The battle-ready Resistance Soldier

John Connor- Leader of the Resistance

T-R.I.P.- Resistance Infiltrator Prototype

T-700- The next evolution of Terminators

T-600- The foot soldier of Skynet's army


Diamond Select

Terminator Minimates

T-800 Terminator

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