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McFarlanes Spawn Series 30 Overtkill Action Figure

This action figure is based on Overtkill from the Adventures of Spawn online comic. Once a hero and member of a top secret government project called "Codename" but now a notorious arms dealer and known associate of the Dark Lord Mammon he was...

Overkill the Destroyer is the most overwhelming of all these figures with a huge torso and massive fists that look capable of easliy demolishing a brick wall. As a result he stands out from the rest of the figures and looks quite menacing.

Which I'm sure is the general idea.

The paintwork on this figure is clean and fresh and the design is very good. The contrast on the colors works well adding to the overall menacing look of the figure.

Like Omega Spawn he has articulation on the neck, shoulders, wrists, waist and hips. But be careful as again the joints aren't very easily moved and other than changing the pose occassional it is probably best not to "play" with them to much.

As well as the fists he comes with Overtkill also comes with two interchangeable hands. One with a chainsaw and one with a huge battle axe.

This second set of hands give him the edge over the other figures in my opinion giving him a truly menacing and threatening look.

Definately my favourite.

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