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Why Advertise Online?

Why Advertise?

If you have your own business you probably already advertise off-line in monthly publications, local newspapers, flyers or radio etc.


Did you know with the exponential growth of the internet most of these mediums are becoming obsolete?

Did you know more people now read the news online than in newspapers?

And that more people watch TV online than on their traditional TV sets?

Not only that but the numbers are still growing and will continue to do so, particularly as more of the emerging markets in the developing world, such as India, China and Indonesia, begin to go increase their online prescence.

And remember these three emerging markets represent some of the most densely populated areas in the world!

Yet currently only a very small proportion of them have the internet, BUT this a trend which is quickly changing.

This means that there is a huge market out there waiting for YOU to tap into that cannot be reached by traditional advertising.

For a sample page with the ad placements and rates available please CLICK HERE

What is Brand Awareness?

Having been a small business owner myself I know how expensive it is to advertise in the traditional media and how difficult it is to measure its success.

Advertising isn't just about getting the sale or "click" but about building YOUR brand awareness, whether you are a sole trader or part of a bigger business. That's why all the large multi-national corporations advertise EVERYWHERE, because they know the importance of having their name "in your face" all the time.


Quite simply because the more you see their brand the more likely you are to remember them when you want what they are offering. The same is true for your own brand but online you can afford to be a bit more selective and ensure your "brand awareness" is focused to your "target audience".

Another big bonus of on-line advertising, which you don't get with traditional advertising, is that not only do you increase your Brand Awareness but you also get to sell direct to your "target market" when they "click through" from your ad to your website!

What are the advantages of advertising online?

Its Cost Effective - online advertising is probably the cheapest and most effective form of advertising available. A business card ad in a fairly typical magazine or newspaper would cost you approx $150 for ONE insertion.

Gives an excellent ROI (Return On Investment) - Cheaper than paying "per click" and directly measurable.

Highly Targeted - Each page you advertise on is highly focused on specific keywords so the viewers are highly targeted compared to the casual viewers your ad would receive in the traditional advertising mediums.

Measurable Results - A full range of stats are available for your ads including page impressions, click throughs and even the type of browser used!

Greater Control- You control where your ad is placed, what it looks like and how often it is changed, unlike traditional mediums where you have almost no control over were your ad is placed or on what page, or at what time etc.

Flexible - Your ad can be changed at ANY time, with very little notice or it can be rotated with a series of ads, the choice is your, unlike most traditional mediums that require your copy at least two months prior to publication or broadcast.

More Dynamic- Your ad can be a static ad, in-text, video or flash, again the choice is yours, you could even have a survey or form.

More Productive- The more you advertise, the greater your exposure, the cheaper it becomes and the more page views and clicks you'll receive giving.

Builds Brand Awareness- Brand awareness is about getting YOUR brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible as often as possible in order to build YOUR reputation and recognition. This takes time and a great deal of investment but the potential returns are huge.

With online advertising, unlike off-line advertising, you can get your brand in front of THOUSANDS of highly targeted viewers every day for a fraction of the cost of offline advertising.

Why Advertise on ?

  • Highly targeted traffic
  • A well established and authorative site.
  • Ranked in the top 2% of all websites on-line, and growing!
  • A comprehensive range of advertising packages to increase brand awareness, productivity and ROI.
  • Tailored made marketing strategies to your requirements in order to give you the best possible exposure for the best price.

It's very important to me that you are 100% happy with your marketing campaign and that your advertising requirements are met.

Because to me your not just Advertisers but my Business Partners as your success is my success!

Advertising Opportunities Available:

Banners ads- by far the best way to build brand awareness, build your businesses' recognition and build your reputation. There are a variety of sizes available priced individually to a single page or by blocks of "10 pages" with generous discounts available for multiple packages.

In-text ads- highly recommended for getting "the sale" or "click" and routinely out perform any other form of advertising or link with a CPR often in excess of 5%.

Surveys and referral forms- excellent for finding out what your targetted audience wants to know, collecting email addresses and offering free downloads.

Videos- video advertising is proving to be extremely popular with both advertisers and consumers as it gives your targeted audience the opportunity to actually "see" your product in action. Do you have a video game to sell? Then why not preview it on a video, or do a video review of an action figure.

Data-feeds: Have your data-feeds automatically published on my site, so whenever they are updated that information will be available to my visitors, immediately!!

For a sample page with the ad placements and rates available please CLICK HERE

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