NWA, National Wrestling Alliance

When Was The NWA Founded?

Do you know what the NWA is?

There are plenty of wrestling fans all across the globe, who love the ECW, RAW and the WWE, but most of them have no knowledge of its history or origins, way back in 1925.

That was the time when Roderick McMahon started to promote boxing matches in the city of New York. While promoting boxing matches, Rod McMahon met with a former professional wrestler Joseph Mondt, who was trying hard to take wrestling to a higher level.

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NWA, National Wrestling Alliance

He introduced new and the more exciting styles, found out that there were wrestlers who were keen and were willing to perform those styles and started making wrestling a more interesting and popular sport amongst the wrestler fraternity as well as the audience who started coming in larger numbers to witness the competition.

Hereafter, Joseph Mondt and Rod McMahon founded the Capitol Wrestling Corporation also called the CWC in short, the sport company that eventually become the WWE later.

NWA, National Wrestling Alliance

In the year 1953 the CWC joined the NWA, or the National Wrestling Alliance, which made the organization more legitimate for business purposes. This also brought in credibility to the organization.

During the same year Vincent, Roderick McMahon's son, took over the business from his aging father, thereby starting the McMahon tradition of a being at the top of the company for all future generations.

Vincent, as a visionary and a business genius, soon brought the CWC to control close to 70% of all the bookings in the NWA, which in those days was quite a significant number.

It was three years after that, the CWC started with its first on-air wrestling matches.

During the spring of the year 1963, wrestler Buddy Rogers from the CWC became the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. But Joseph Mondt never wanted Buddy Rogers to defend his heavyweight wrestling title outside the North Eastern region, the region which was controlled by the CWC.

NWA, National Wrestling Alliance

Both he and Vincent McMahon wanted Buddy to hold on to his title and though, as a title-holder, Buddy under contract was obligated to either defend his title or pay back a penalty amount of $25,000 as a violation of contracted terms.

Rogers, however, decided to defend his title, thereby losing his title. Joseph Mondt and Vincent McMahon were very agitated by this and decided to quit the NWA. They went on to create the World Wide Wrestling Federation or WWWF thereafter as a consequence to this event.

Vincent McMahon went on to become the sole head of the WWWF during the late 1960's after Joseph Mondt retired.

Roderick McMahon remained on the board of directors of the NWA, and there were several wrestling encounters in between the NWA and WWWF fighters, although most of those matches had to end in such a manner that no real winner was declared after the matches were over.

During the spring of the year 1979, the WWWF was restructured into forming the World Wrestling Federation or the WWF, and its ownership passed on to Vincent J. McMahon, for whom wrestling was always and today is his family business.

NWA, National Wrestling Alliance

The following year, which is in the year 1980, his son Vincent K. McMahon, launched a company by the name of Titan Sports, and through a series of mergers and acquisitions purchased Capitol Sports along with its assets, that included the WWF, in the year 1982.

However, his father Vincent Senior wanted to maintain the WWF focused on the northeastern part of America, his son Vincent. K. McMahon Junior had larger and more ambitious plans and started to expand the WWF all across the country and beyond.

Vincent McMahon recruited celebrity wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan and other renowned and popular wrestlers. He then started selling the WWF Television shows to TV stations and channels and on VHS outside of the northeastern territories to make WWF popular in those uncharted territories.

This created the WWF brand all across the states in diverse areas and got the WWF a great deal of publicity. At the same time, it put them in direct confrontation with the NWA and other wrestling promoters in different areas, where they used to control the sport and did not want any major competitor to enter the fray especially since the McMahons began to lure away wrestlers from other companies and federations.

NWA, National Wrestling Alliance

It was ultimately these experiments of McMahon that created the concept of what these days is commonly known as the WWE or the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

There was no looking back for Vincent McMahon's family with the WWE becoming a massive success, redefining the sport.

WWE matches are now televised around the world, and talented fighters are too keen to be a part of it. Huge audiences from around the globe now watch through satellite television grabbing high TRPs, as well as being cheered by audiences in packed into huge auditoriums where these matches are held.

Today the professional freestyle wrestling of the WWE become so popular that there are WWE superstars who come from many different countries to take part the sport.

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