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Nightmare Spawn Wins Huge Fan Applause

This has not surprisingly proved to be a huge success with fans. Nightmare Spawn is one of the best figures to have come from Mc Farlane's in recent years and is a very impressive and unique figure. His size alone makes him a very formidable and impressive figure.

nightmare spawn 1 Nightmare Spawn is an immense figure in his entirety although the main character only measures about 7 inches. In all he measures 11 inches at his highest point, with a massive wingspan of 16 inches.

If there's a problem with this figure it will be finding somewhere to display him. The detail and paintwork on his organic looking cape and the huge dragon like wings are some of the best work I have seen from McFarlanes.

nightmare spawn 2 Rising above the fires of hell he beckons you to him grinning demonically, his arms spread open in welcome, inviting you to join him if you dare.

He has articulation at the biceps, wrists, and waist and his wings are removable but by far his best pose is the one he's sculpted in so the articulation isn't really required.

After the success of this figure it is almost certain that other versions of both this and other Hellspawn characters will follow, much to everyone's pleasure I'm sure.

nightmare spawn 4

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