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NHL Canadian Tire Series 02

by Colin

NHL Canadian Tire Series 02

NHL Canadian Tire Series 02

NHL Canadian Tire Series 02
NHL Canadian Tire Series 02
NHL Canadian Tire Series 02
NHL Canadian Tire Series 02

This October McFarlane will be joining forces yet again with the Canadian Tire Stores to bring you an exclusive collection of your favorite ice hockey icons in a pose plus uniform combination as never been available in the stores before.

This collection will be available with a pegged replicated puck that will feature each player’s name and his team logo. This is an exciting line up featuring your favorite players with a mix of the legendary and the very top of the current players. Read on to have a little snoop in to the profiles of these dynamite players who will be featured in the NHL Canadian Tire Series scheduled to hit all the Canadian Tire locations very soon.

Five of the players in this collection will be arriving in their brand new uniforms and you will also be treated to the sports picks debut of Brian Gionta the captain of the Montreal team.

Jonathan Toews

Toews was born in April 1988 in his home town in Canada. He is also the present team captain for the premier Chicago Blackhawks playing for the National Hockey League.

By captaining his team he has also become the youngest captain in the entire history of the NHL. The outstandingly talented Toews was first selected to represent the NHL by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2006 as their third overall choice for the NHL draft.

In 2007 he was awarded the NHL rookie of the year Calder Memorial Trophy and has also accumulated many other esteemed awards and recognitions for his outstanding performances.

On the international sporting arena he compete for his country Canada representing the Team Canada and have been primarily responsible in winning gold medals for his country at the World under 17 Hockey challenge in 2005 as well as the World Junior Championships that took place in 2006 and 2007.

During the Winter Olympics held in 2010, Toews was picked as the best forward and this dynamic and powerful player is currently racking up huge numbers of goals and adding on to his career statistics making him a sure contender as a future hockey hall of famer.

Tim Horton

Tim Horton was born in January 1930 and hails from Ontario Canada. During his elite sporting career this veteran player has played in 24 NHL seasons out of 20 were spent playing right wing and defense positions for the Maple Leafs of the Toronto.

The versatile player has also represented other teams like Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabres. He has been nominated for esteemed awards many times including being voted for the first All Star NHL team in three seasons and also to the second all star NHL team in another three seasons.

In his final season, Tim Horton and Bobby Or were the only active defensemen who scored more than 100 goals. When he met with an untimely death due to a car accident this highly talented and dynamic player was only 44 years and in his career prime.

Tim Horton was inducted as a hall of famer in the year of 1977 in celebration of his outstanding contributions to the game of ice hockey. He is also considered to be one of the strongest players to have played professional hockey for the league.

Brain Gionta

He was born in January 1979. The professional player is currently represented by the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. Brain Gionta is called Gio among teammates while the media has dubbed this dynamic player as the Rochester Rocket.

Despite being comparatively smaller in stature than most of his peers this extremely talented and gifted player is well known over the world for his tenacious play styles.

He has exceptional playing skills and possesses dynamic performing abilities on the skating ring where he never shies away from any contact. He has traveled with his team on international tours taking part in both world championships in 1999 and 2000.

He has a string of achievements and awards in recognition of his outstanding performances in the sport including the Herb Gallagher award, All America first team honors and many others.

Alex Ovechkin

The superstar hockey hero is from Moscow Russia and he was born in the year 1985.

Despite having a gap toothed grin this charismatic player have very little gaps and flaws in his game style. Alex Ovechkin is the pioneer player leading the 21st century Russian revolution of the NHL and he is a versatile and talented player who can blend his sublime skills with pit bull tenacity in the game.

He has catapulted in to the professional hockey career with a Washington franchise and has displayed ample willingness and courage to live up to high expectations of his team.

Both his parents were also talented athletes with his father being a former popular soccer player and mother, the winner of two gold medals representing the Women Basket ball team. Alex is an intimidating presence in any play with his natural scoring ability and powerful hard hitting talents and an unquenchable passion for the game.

He is considered as a franchise winger for the future NHL and a predictable elite goal scorer.

Mario Lemieux

He was born in October 1965 and hails from Montreal, Canada. As typical to other Monetrealers, Mario also has grown up with hero worship for the Montreal Canadians and he particularly idolized some of the team legends like Guy Lafleur.

Mario is better known among his teammates and other compatriots in the game as Super Mario and he is also a true hockey star and a legend.

This versatile and veteran player has contributed in a mighty scale to the game and many sports critics claim that Mario’s name will be recorded as one of the greatest hockey players in the entire world and as one who have significantly changed the game style bringing much needed innovation to this sport.

Among his sheer number of achievements, awards and other laurels include 6 scoring titles, 3 MVO awards and 2 Stanley Cups. Mario Lemieux ranks among the top 10 of all time assists, points and goals.

In addition to being recognized as NHL’s most gifted player this hockey icon has literally carried the game and his team on his shoulders for many games.

Daniel Sedin

Sedin is of Swedish origins and presently plays professional ice hockey represented by the Vancouver Canucks.

The NHL affiliated highly talented Daniel Sedin was born in September 1980 in Ornskoldsvik in Sweden. He has so far played in 10 NHL seasons after being drafted for the 1999 NHL by the Vancouver’s as their 1st pick in the 2nd overall.

He uses the number 22 and plays in the position of left wing. He has a twin brother who is also playing professional ice hokey for Vancouver Canucks. Sedin has proved to be a solid player when playing in defensive zone and he continues to be a regular threat for his opponents on offense.

They also have an added advantage as he shares an innate chemistry with Henrick, his twin brother a useful ploy for the game. Sedin is considered as a player of vast potential and an elite scoring winger.

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