nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

Mcfarlane NFL Series 27

The NFL Series 27 of sports figures holds a special place out of all McFarlane action figures.

This may be due to the tremendous spark and enthusiasm displayed by football lovers all over the world who keep counting the days until the next exciting series of NFL collectibles are released from McFarlane.

This series is guaranteed to create a fantastic onrush of demand with eager fans clamoring to get their hands on a most exciting line up NFL icons that have graced the fantasy football arena from the recent past to a few decades back.

This brand new NFL Series 27 includes sports picks of a most valuable players from the preceding season, the super bowl MVP from the same season, two of the Pro Bowl wideouts, two hall of famers and a key member representing NFL's most popular team.

Read on to find out more about the exciting treat we have lined up exclusively for you.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Tom Brady

Tom Brady a sports icon among all fantasy football fans, he was instrumental in leading the New England Patriots to clinch the Super Bowl XXXVI.

Tom Brady has proven to be one of the truly special players in the league with his record smashing career statistics.

This sporting hero is today mentioned along with the same ranks of Starr, Bradshaw and Montana which is testimonial for his tremendous prowess in the field.

The Sports Illustrated has recorded that Tom Brady is one of the most gifted players to grace the entire history of NFL.

Representing the New England Patriots this great and charismatic player continues to draw positive raves among the national and international media due to his outstanding performances as a powerful pro football quarterback.

Hailing from San Mateo in California Brady went to an all boys' private school named The Serra High.

His university days were spent at the Michigan University and during this time he played football for the U of M Wolverines.

His professional football career began in 2000 when the Patriots selected him for the NFL draft in that year.

From this point onwards Top Brady has achieved a long string of achievements, awards and laurels to his name and has boosted his team esteem to a great level.

This is a sports icon with a massive fan collection from all parts of the world and hence all his performances in the football field along with his public appearances have been documented cinematically.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Larry Fitzgerald

The enigmatic Larry Fitzgerald is now in to his 8th year of professional football and in his previous seasons has played 112 games representing the Arizona Cardinals.

In addition this highly skilled player has taken part in 3 Pro Bowls and 6 playoff games.

Born in August 1983, Fitzgerald is from Minneapolis, MN. His college days were spent at Pittsburgh College and Vall High School.

In 2004 he was privileged to enter the ranks of pro football player when he was drafted to the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals as their 3rd overall pick.

Larry Fitzgerald has come a along way in his football career after working as a mere ball boy during the early days for the Minnesota Vikings. He was also sent to study at a military school in his junior years for academic advancement. He has achieved remarkable status as a pro football player achieving many awards including playing for the Pro Bowl in 2005, 2007 and 2008 and was nominated for the NFL All pro team in 2008.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Miles Austin

Miles Austin who plays for the Dallas Cowboys was born in June 1984 and hails from Summit in New Jersey.

He plays in the position of wide receiver after being signed by the Dallas Cowboys in 2006 for their team as an undrafted free agent.

He went to college at Monmouth where he was an outstanding football player.

High School days of Miles Austin was spent at the Garfield High School in New Jersey and during this time he excelled in sports and was a letterman in basketball, track and field events as well as football.

He played in both positions of wide receiver as well as defensive back during this time and went on to bag several esteemed awards including the All State honors and All Bergen County Honors.

He also achieved the All Bergen Country Honors in basketball as well.

He was selected for the Pro Bowl consecutively in 2009 and 2010 and was named as the most improved player in 2009.

In addition to these the outstandingly talented player has won several awards during his career including the Dallas Cowboys franchise record for making 250 receiving yards in one game.

Miles Austin is presently ranked 70 in the NFL network of Top 100 players for the year 2011.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Aaron Rodgers

This extremely talented player comes from Chico in California.

He was born in December in 1983 and belongs to a family with three sons.

This explains Aaron Rodgers' love for the game as football has been a major part of the Rodgers family culture with the three brothers watching the NFL games on television from a very early age.

In his professional career Aaron was the first quarterback in the entire NFL history to have thrown exceeding 400 yards in all of his first two seasons playing in the position of starter.

He is also ranked forth in the NFL for passing yards and touchdowns in the preceding two seasons.

Aaron posses a unique combination of the big play bravado displayed by other NFL flashy passers by sprucing it with the precision of being one of the League's best technical players.

He also has one the most accurate and strong arms in the fantasy football game and few other players have matched his skill level in delivering short and long passes on target.

His idol in the game is Joe Montana and likewise his idol, Aaron Rodgers has clear adaptability in getting the ball passed to receivers in a tricky manner allowing them to add considerable yards after the catch.

Sports critics have praised his leadership qualities and his teammates have a strong solidarity with Aaron.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Heath Miller

This extremely versatile player of the NFL played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and in his outstanding sports career has bagged a long numbers of awards, laurels and praises for his unique and excellent performances on the football field.

Heath Miller's high school days were spent at the Honaker High School in Swords Creek Virginia where he played football in the positions of safety and quarterback. In addition to his favorite sport this outstanding sportsman has also displayed immense talent in playing base ball as first base, basket ball as forward and has received an impressive list of honors and awards even during his college days.

These include being selected as All State AP for two years and All Southwest Virginia's First Team honors playing as quarterback among many others.

2000 was an extremely good year for young Millers when he recorded 19 touchdowns, throwing more than 1500 yards and rushed 901 yards. The year 2005 saw him entering the NFL when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him as their choice for the league.

In his rookie year Miller made a powerful impact on the team making him indispensible as a skilled offense which also brought him the award of Rookie of the year from his team.

Given his major bulk and strength this powerful player is regarded as one of the most proficient blockers in the league.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Eric Dickerson

The veteran Eric Dickerson is a two time All America choice at the Southern Methodist.

He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams for the 1983 NFL draft as their first round pick.

This all time great sports hero has displayed tremendous sporting abilities from the time he initiated his professional career and garnered all the rookie records in his first year including the record for most rushing attempts with a number of 390, most touchdown rushing with 18 and most rushing yards gained with 1808.

Due to his superb performances on the field it was not long before Eric Dickerson was nominated for all the prestigious tournaments while the list of awards and honors won by him continued to grow.

Eric Dickerson has earned Player of the year, rookie of the year, all pro, pro bowl honors among many others. After representing only three games for the Los Angeles Rams this immensely talented player was contracted by the Indianapolis Colts and he continued to attract lots of attention with his continuous prowess in displaying his skills.

His 11 year professional career saw him securing a total of 13259 yards in rushing with a six time selection for the pro bowl. Eric Dickerson is one of the most outstanding players seen in the entire history of the NFL.

nfl series 27, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Series 27 Marcus Allen

The NFL hall of famer and great player Marcus Allan was one the starring defensive backs and quarterbacks during his high school days.

In his sophomore year in the University of Southern California Marcus Allan moved to the position of fullback.

During his university time he led America's all purpose yards records and had an average record of 179.4 per game average.

Marcus Allen was a consensus All American winner and has received the honors of Maxwell and Heisman trophies for being the outstanding college player. His entry to the league happened in 1982 when he was picked as Los Angeles Raiders' first draft choice to the NFL.

With outstanding performances in the field he was selected as a consensus all pro for the years of 1982 and 1985. In 1983 he was chosen as the most valuable player after his major contribution for clinching the Super Bowl XVIII.

His production in the field was somewhat limited after he sustained a knee injury in 1989 which made him take up the sport on a part time basis. Having played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1193 as a free agent this charismatic and superbly talented player retired from the professional football arena in 1997.

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