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McFarlanes NFL Series 15 is packed full of talent with 7 figures in total, including 3 new sculpts/players and 2 re-paints of fan favourites.

I am disappointed in some of the choices as I'm sure many other fans/collectors will be, and a couple of the poses quite frankly suck.

Oh well...

You can't please all the people all the time I suppose. So here's the low down on NFL Series 15.

Nearly forgot about the extra NFL Series 15 SURPRISE but more on that later.

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Vince Young

mcfarlanes nfl sports merchandisemcfarlanes nfl sports merchandisemcfarlanes nfl sports merchandise

Vince Young was born on May 18th in Houston, Texas, 1983. At the age of seven he was involved in a road accident whilst riding his bike. This almost cost him his life and he spent many months in hospital but Vince often credits this event to making him a tougher person.

Vince was brought up mainly by his mother and grandmother and he thanks them for keeping him on the straight and narrow and away from the street gangs as an adolescent.

Unfortunately his father missed most of his college years as he was in prison on a burglary charge. Vince wears the number 10 as a sign of respect to his mother who was born on June 10th.During his college years he gained much experience and respect as a player and earnt several awards. In also played basketball and track and field as well as baseball proving himself to be a talented all round athlete.

Vince signed with Texas in 2002 but redshirted for the first year allowing him time to study the playbook and hone his skills before being put into a game.

During the early days of his college career his unique passing technique was often criticised but by the 2005 season most of this faded as he proved to be both a pricise and consistent passer and in fact ended the 2005 season as the third top passer in the nation.

In the 2006 NFL Draft the Tennessee Titans select Vince with their third pick in the first round and signed a 5 year contract with a sixth year option for a reported $53 million.

Carrer Highlights

  • 2006 AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award
  • 2006 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award
  • Pro Bowl XL

The NFL Series 15 Vince Young action figure is approx 6 inches in height to the top of his helmet and is articulated at the neck. The paintwork on this figure is stunning and includes accurate tattoos. He is painted wearing the Tennessee Titans dark blue jersey.

Ray Lewis

Born on May 15, 1975 in Bartow Florida he has played with the Baltimore Ravens since they selected him as their 26th pick in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft. He has since appear in 8 Pro Bowls and been named an All-Pro seven times and is regarded as one of the NFL's top defenders.

mcfarlanes nfl collectiblesmcfarlanes nfl collectiblesmcfarlanes nfl collectibles

Ray attended Kathleen High School were he won the teams MVP in both his junior and senior years. After high school he attended the University of Miami which is credited as having one of the nations top football programs.

He had a very successful college career with the Hurricanes and finished with the 5th most tackles in Miami history having lead the Big East for his final two seasons.

After the 1995 season Ray decided to forgo his senior year at University to enter the 1996 NFL Draft, where he was selected by the Baltimore Ravens where he has remained since.

Off the field Ray Lewis has been involved in many charities and charitable work throughout his career and he is also an accomplished businessman.

However despite his achievements his public image was seriously damaged in January 2000 when he was arrested, along with two friends, and charged with the murders of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar who were stabbed to death outside a nightclub during a fight in the Buckhead district of Arizona.

The murder charges were later dismissed and Lewis pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.

Career Highlights

  • 8 x Pro Bowl, 5 consecutive Pro Bowls between 1997-2001
  • 2 x AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year
  • 2000 Pro Bowl XXXV MVP
  • 7 x AP All-Pro selection
  • 5 x NFL tackle leader
  • 6 x NFL Player of the Week
  • NFL Player of the Month Nov, 2003

This sculpt from McFarlanes NFL Series 15 features Ray in the Baltimore Ravens black uniform which unfortunately, although accurate, isn't very appealing. The pose chosen for this particular figure also could have been better, especially as it's been done about 3 times previously now, enough!

Let's have a decent Ray p[ose for a change, please?

The figure stands at just under 6 1/2 inches in height and is articulated at the neck.

Cedric Benson

Born in Midland, Texas on December 28th, 1982 attended the Robert E Lee High School where he led his team to three consecutive State Championships and became the first ever high school player to appear on the cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football annual magazine. As well as his football achievements he was also a renowned baseball player in high school.

mcfarlanes nfl memorabilia mcfarlanes nfl memorabilia mcfarlanes nfl memorabilia

Selected by the Chicago Bears in the 2005 NFL Draft, Benson is often compared to Ricky Williams but due to several controversies involving William's off the feild he has tried to distance himself from these comparisions.

Career Highlights

  • 2004 Doak Walker Award for top running back

Cedric Benson NFL Series 15 figure measures 6 1/2 inches to the top of his helmet and has articulation at the neck wearing the dark blue Chicago Bears jersey and accurate tattoos. A good action pose here of Cedric running down the line.

Peyton Manning 3

Peyton Manning has played with the Indianapolis Colts since they selected him in the 1998 NFL Draft as their first pick in the first round. Since then he has made many records and won several awards.

mcfarlanes nfl giftmcfarlanes nfl giftmcfarlanes nfl gift

Born on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana Peyton comes fro a footballing family. His father played professionally in the NFL for 13 seasons and his younger brother also plays professionally.

He had a successful high school career where he was the teams main starter for three seasons and was named the Gatorade State of Louisianna Player of the Year in 1993-4.

Despite his fathers legacy with the University of Mississippi Peyton stunned many when he chose to attend the University of Tennessee where he became Tennessee's all time leading passer and made an NNCAA record for the best all time interception percentage.

In 1996 whilst attending university Manning dropped his pants while being treated by assistant athlete trainer Ann Naughright but an investigation later concluded that rather than being of a sexual natural it was intended as a mooning, which had gone wrong. Manning was disciplined as a result and made to apologize in writing and the university settled her harrassment claims for $300,000.

Manning has become one of the NFL's most marketable players over the years appearing in several TV and printed ads for some of the NFL's biggest sponsors.

Career Highlights

  • 1998 NFL All Rookie First Team
  • 2001 Week 2 AFC Offensive Player of the Week
  • 2003 two times AFC Offensive Player of the Week
  • 2003 MVP
  • 2003 Bert Award
  • 2004 AFC Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2004 5 x AFC Offensive Player of the Week
  • 2004 Nov AFC Offensive Player of the Month Award
  • 2004 MVP
  • 2004 Bert Award
  • 2005 Pro Bowl
  • 2005 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award
  • 206 2 x AFC Offensive Player of the Week
  • 2006 Oct AFC Offensive Player of the Month Award
  • 2007 Super Bowl MVP

Although the NFL Series 15 is his third sculpt in a short period of time there seems to be a big demand for him at the moment and I, for one, am quite happy with this choice.

Measuring 6 1/2 inches this is Peyton Manning third sculpt and features him poised ready to pass the ball. Here he is wearing the Colts white jersey and stands on a 3 1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch base.

Tony Romo

Born on April 21, 1980 in San Diego, California his full name is Antonio Ramiro Romo. and comes from a third generation Mexican family.He has recently been associated with multi=platinum selling country singer and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, whom he invited to his birthday party in April, 2007.

mcfarlanes nfl souvenirsmcfarlanes nfl souvenirsmcfarlanes nfl souvenirs

During his college years Romo became the first player in Eastern Illinois and Ohio Valley Conference history to win the Walter Payton Award. His 3,149 yards in total offence as a senior is ranked third in school and conference history.

In 2003 he attended the NFL Combine but went undrafted in the NFL Draft despite being assured of the Cowboys interest and interest by Denver's head coach. Shortly after the draft though the Cowboys offered him a contract as an undrafted free agent.

Romo is an avid golfer when not playing football and when not training or during the off seasom can often be found playing around Dallas.

Career Highlights

  • 3 x Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year, 2000-02
  • 3 x All American, 2000-02
  • 2002 Walter Payton Award
  • 2006 Golden Gobbler Award
  • 2006 Pro Bowl selection

Tony's debut in NFL Series 15 shows him wearing his Dallas Cowboys white jersey Tony Romo lines up and takes aim to make his pass, standing just over 6 inches tall with articulation on the neck and biceps.

Brian Westbrook

Brian Westbrook was born on September 2, 1979 in Washington DC and began his football career at DeMatha Catholic High School and continued as a standout running back at Villanova University from 1997-2001 where he made 41 school, 13 Atlantic Ten Conference and 5 NCAA records.

mcfarlanes nfl football merchandisemcfarlanes nfl football merchandisemcfarlanes nfl football merchandise

In 1998 he became the only player in the history of college football with over 1000 rushing yards and 1000 receiving yards in one season. He managed to achieve this three times during his college career.

In the 2002 NFL Draft he was generally overlooked by most teams due to his size, injury history and because he hadn't played for a NCAA Division I-A team but the Philidelphia Eagles decided to take a risk on him and he has since blossomed into a talented player.

Career Highlights

  • 2001 Walter Payton Award
  • 2004 Pro Bowl

Measuring just under 6 inches in height in his green Philadelphia Eagles jersey and with articulation on the neck and biceps Brian Westbrook rushes down the line ready to brush aside anyone in his way.

This NFL Series 15 figure will please many Eagle fans who have been clamouring for a Westbrook figure, and with the added bonus in this series they have a double wammy.

William Thomas

"Willie T" was born in Amarillo, Texas on August 13 1968 attended Palo Duro High School and later played football at the Texas A&M; University and was selected by thev Philadelphia Eagles in the 1991 NFL Darft.

mcfarlanes nfl figurinesmcfarlanes nfl figurinesmcfarlanes nfl figurines

He stayed with the Eagles until his contract expired in 1999 when he signed with the Oakland Raiders. He stayed with the Raiders until his final game on January 19, 2002.

Career Highlights

  • 1995 Pro Bowl
  • 1996 Pro Bowl


This NFL Series 15 figure was a late edition to the lineup therefore and wasn't included in the original lists.

This figure is therefore listed as a chase figure BUT as far as I'm aware there are the same number of of these as the other regular figures, sooooo

Don't be fooled into paying an excessive price.

William Thomas is sculpted sporting the Eagles green jersey to match Westbrook's and stands about 6 inches tall with articulation on the neck.

Due Oct, 2007

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