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NFL Playmakers Series 02 - Extended Series

NFL Playmakers Series 02 extended action figures line has kept football eager to find more exciting details of the latest most articulated sports heroes ever seen.

In this extended season fans are treated to first ever playmaker figures of Ray Lewis, DeSean Jackson, Devin Hester and Darren McFadden.

To add to the fun this series also bring you Drew Brees and Troy Polamalu in their brand new uniforms along with fantasy favorites Tony Romo and Tom Brady.

This series is the sequel that comes on the heels of last year's debut series which made terrific record sales featuring a collection of the greatest NFL players with an exclusive twenty point articulation and featured in four inch scales.

The latest NFL Playmakers 02 extended series will also have the same level of flexibility and position options featured in the first series and added to this there will also be a new exciting feature of a blister playout posing.

This is a collection guaranteed to entice all the younger NFL fans while giving a rare collector's opportunity to all the die hard collectors out there as well.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 DeSean Jackson

The Philadelphia Eagles NFL Wide receiver was born on December, 1986 and hails from Long Beach California.

This charismatic player was drafted as Philadelphia Eagle's 49th overall for the 2008 NFL Draft in the 2nd round.

During his college career Jackson played in the position of receiver and was also the punt return specialist when he played for the Californian Golden Bears. His current career statistics include an impressionable Pac 10 record for punts returned for touchdown.

He also ranks as the third all time player representing California to receive yards stats of 2,423 and receiving touchdowns stats of 22.

DeSean Jackson has been nominated as America's No. 01 receiver by and the Sporting News and this powerful payer is regarded as one of the most exciting players in the NFL. He is critically acclaimed for his prowess and excellent quickness in the game and is regarded as a highly dynamic return man.

He has great talent of plucking the ball from air and has the ability of getting separations from man to man coverage's.

DeSean Jackson is rated sixth in receptions with a total stat of 162 and has so far completed 52 career plays with 20 yards or more.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Ray Lewis

Born in May 1975 Ray Lewis is originally from Bartow Florida. The NFL linebacker has been acclaimed as one of the best defensive players seen in this modern era of the game.

Ray Lewis developed a passion for the game of football out of his partiality for wrestling which he undertook at school level with excelling performances. Just as in the wrestling arena Lewis has continued to display the same level of zeal and passion in the football field.

During his Miami University days Ray Lewis played as the Hurricane team's starter for 5 games and in tackles for 22 games and achieved the record of best all round player for his outstanding performances.

Due to his unique talent and exceptional performances Lewis has the opportunity of participating in Pro Bowl teams for four sensitive sessions and was also picked for the all rookie team of the USA today in his very first season of professional playing.

Ray Lewis has a string of awards to his credit including the John Mackey award which he received in 1997 and has been nominated as Raven's MVP in the years of 97,99,2000 and 2001.

Having developed a solid reputation as an intimidating and forceful middle linebacker, Lewis has led in tackles for nine out of his eleven seasons. Sadly this outstanding player's prowess as a remarkable football player was overshadowed due to unfortunate events that took place in 2000.

As a result of a brawl that tool place in Buckhead Georgia after a late night partying out Lewis along with his companions was jailed in Atlanta with murder allegations. However, the player has continued to overcome his tarnished image and has gradually claimed his hold in the football field as on of the most powerful linebackers to enter the history of NFL.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Darren McFadden

Born in August 1987 he hails from North Little Rock in the Arkansas. He represents the Oakland Raiders in the NFL and has been drafted by their fourth overall pick for the 2008 NFL draft.

During his football career in Arkansas McFadden scored 46 passes, 2 touchdowns, threw 7 touchdown passes and also returned a powerful kickoff for a score.

This outstanding and charismatic player is considered to be one of the best players witnessed in college football particularly in the recent years. He is also reported as the best player to have emerged from the Arkansas University.

The powerful McFadden has broken a string of Southeastern Conference records with his outstanding performances and has garnered the Doak Walker Award two times successfully.

Darren McFadden is loved by his fans and has established himself as one of NFLs elite all time backs and is ranked along with great players like Bo Jackson, Emmitt Smith and Herchel Walker.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Devin Hester

Devin Hester hails from the Riveria Beach in Florida and was born in November 1982. Currently he plays for the NFL in the position of wide receiver and is also the return specialist of Chicago Bears.

Hester who went to Miami University holds the university record of being the first person to play three phases including defense, offense and special teams of the American football system.

His professional football career kicked off with Chicago Bears when they drafted Hester to the 2006 NFL draft 2nd round. There onwards Hester quickly climbed to the limelight establishing himself as a proficient kick runner and also went on to become Chicago Bear's starting wide receiver.

This extremely talented NFL sports player holds lots of NFL records including the player with the most number of kick returns taken in one single season.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu one of NFL's most loved sports icons was born in April 1981 and hails from Garden Grove in California. A player from Samoan descent he has established a powerful reputation in the football world as a player of boundless energy and is also popular for his hard powerful hits on the field.

However, this enigmatic player despite being a ferocious power in the field is known to be very soft spoken off the field. Therefore he is known to be one of the nicest personalities in the NFL. Most sports critics claim Polamalu to be a unique player with a rare combination of traits not seen in many others.

After playing high school football, baseball and basketball in Douglas High School in Oregan he selected football as his primary sport on receiving the award of All Farwest Player in football. Drafted to the NFL by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Polamalu is the forceful power behind many match winnings of the team.

He plays in the position of Steelers' starting safety and he was primarily instrumental for winning the Super Bowl in 2006.

With an individual and exclusive game stand of his own Polamalu is also world popular for his long mane of hair which has not been trimmed since 2000. In 2008 he was named as AFC's strong safety at the Pro Bowl with a unanimous vote by the judges.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Drew Brees

Drew Brees was born in January 1979 he has majored in manufacturing and industrial management.

In 2009 Super Bowl he was nominated as the MVP for winning quarterback representing the New Orleans Saints. He originally hails from Austin where he went to the Westlake High school and played baseball, basketball and football and also went on to lead his football team with record breaking results in the 5A state championship and secured the honors of being awarded as the player of the year.

Drew Brees has a long string of awards and laurels to his credit to reflect his great prowess as an outstanding sportsman with the Maxwell Award for America's top collegiate player and academic all American player etc.

He has been nominated in 4 Pro Bowls and has been selected as the Comeback Player in 2004, Super Bowl MVP and Champion and many others.

He is a player of enigmatic attitudes as Brees shows equal interest in community services. Brew and his wife have contributed more than $6 million to promote cancer research and many other charity endeavors.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Tom Brady

This powerful player has been praised very highly by the esteemed Sports Illustrated magazine which has named Tom Brady to be the most gifted player in the history of the NFL.

A Pro football quarterback, Tom Brady plays for the NFL representing the New England Patriots and this forceful player continues to make major headlines in national and international media for all his spectacular achievements in the football field.

Tom Brady is from San Mateo, California and went to an all boys' private catholic school, the Serra High and then continued higher studies at the Michigan University where he represented the U of M Wolverines in playing football.

In 2000 he was selected to the NFL draft as a pick of the Patriots. From this point onwards there was no looking back for Tom Brady who tapped a long list of achievements for himself and his team leading them to take part three times in the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl respectively.

He also managed to net two MVP awards in the Super Bowl in the process. Tom Brady has a huge fan collection world over that a major part of his performances and appearances have been cinematically documented.

Tom Brady is married to Gisele Bundchen a supermodel from Brazil.

playmakers series, playmakers action figures, nfl series, nfl figures, football figures

NFL Playmakers Series 2 Tony Romo

The superstar football player Tony Romo was born in April 1980 and hails from San Diego, California.

From bench to stardom this popular sports icon has continued to play in the quarterback position for the Dallas Cowboys since 2003.

In October 2006 Tony Romo turned a new and exciting page in his sports career when he replaced one of the struggling starters in a second half of a game taking place and went on to display a stunning performance of superb sportsmanship.

It took him only one year before he started leading the NFL charts for yards gained per pass. After taking part in his first Pro Bowl game in 2007 he signed a seven year contract with the Dallas Cowboys which would see him in the team up to the season of 2013.

Tony Romo was an outstanding player during his high school career and also during his university period at the Eastern Illinois University where he studied from 1999 to 2002.

He is broadly acclaimed as a powerful player with a strong ability to scramble and an accurate arm. In 2006 Tony Romo became Dallas Cowboy's very first player to pass over 220 yards in all his first 8 starts as a quarterback.

Playmakers Series 2 Due Oct 2011

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