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Are You Looking For Unique New York Giants Collectibles?

Unique, original and highly collectible these New York Giants will be a huge hot with fans and collectors Alike.

McFarlanes have kept their fans hungry for news on these sets since their teaser announcement back in January.

But now I can reveal...

Team Highlights

The New York Giants, or the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, were founded in 1925 and are based in New York City and play their home games at the Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in Rutherford New Jersey and are members of the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference in the NFL.

The New York Giants were formed in 1925 by Tim Mara, five years after the birth of the NFL, who remained their owner until his death in 1959 when his son took over,

Despite their earlier success they struggled financially and Tim Mara had to put a substantial sum of his own money into the club in order to keep the franchise going.

However their problems were short lived as the Chicago Bears game attracted a crowd of 73,000 fans which helped to push them into solvency.

In 1928 the New York Giants owner bought the Detroit Wolverines outright and merged the two teams, mainly to acquire their quaterback, Benny Friedman.

Their prime years were between 1933-1946 when they qualifid for the NFL Championships eight times, winning it twice.

During this period they won noterioty for their "Sneakers" game when they beat the Chicago Bears on an icy field in the 1943 NFL Championship in which they wore sneakers for better traction.

In 1958 they played in the NFL Championship against the Clots in a game that was considered to have caused a huge surge in the sports popularity across the States.

The years between 1964-1978 saw the team decline rapidly as they failed to win any major tournaments and only won the season twice.

They were also forced to play there home games at several different stadium until they acquired their state-of-the srt Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, but then came one of the lowest points in their history in 1978 when they gave away certain through a fumble and lost the Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The following years however saw the Giants gradually rebuild their former glory and return to the pinnacle of the NFL. They are now not only one of the biggest and most successful NFL franchises but are also one of the most financialy prosperous.

new york giants Eleven players scrum down on the starting line-up, ready to do battle for the ball as it comes down the line.

Mc Farlanes have re-created the New York Giants starting line-up for the 2007 season. Each of these two each figures has been beautifully created by Mc Farlanes artists for your enjoyment and pleasure.

I look forward to reviewing and seeing these figures in person when they are released in October.

The players in this set are:

QB Eli Manning, RB Brandon Jacobs & Jim Finn, OL David Diehl, Grey Ruegamer, Shaun O'Hara, Rich Seubert & Kareem McKenzie, TE Jeremy Shockey, WR Amani Toomer & Plaxico Burress.

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