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This Is One You Won't Want To Miss! Necroplasm Spawn 2

Necroplasm Spawn Exclusive Release

necroplasm spawn 1

For only the second time in its history Mc Farlane's Toys are releasing a Necroplasm action figure.

This figure will have 25 points of articulation!! There will be a fully poseable cape and detailed cross custom base.

Buit be warned, this figure will ONLY be available through the Collectors Club and demand is likely to be HUGE.

Due to be released on June 14 make sure you have yours pre-ordered.

What is Necroplasm?

The green flourescent necro plasm is the "chemical" that Spawn's body is composed of and it is this that gives him his extra-ordinary powers and durability.


Despite his body being completely composed of necroplasmic "material" Spawn still retains his human organs, although he no longer requires or uses them.

This is probably because he still clings onto his human past. Any damage to these organs therefore do not affect or hinder him in the slightest which has often disconcerted his enemies.

When he is wounded it is the necroplasmic composition of his body that magically regenerates him whenever he recieves any fatal wounds.


The cape, spikes, chains and skulls are all part of this living organism that make-up his costume and protect him. Even when unconscious Spawn is protected by his costume which is connected to his central nervous system.

necroplasm-spawn-5 Even Spawn's costume relies on the necro plasm of his body, which is the true source of Spawns power, feeding from it and drawing energy from it.

The Spawn's costume also draws energy from the evil around it in the physical world including feeding off the ambient evil in people, animals and even parts of the city.

necroplasm spawn 4 Spawn Homepage
Spawn Series 31- Other Worlds
Spawn Series 30- The Adventures of Spawn

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