NECA's Cult Classics Series 7 Hits Stores

NECA a one of the few companies who are still producing and releasing action figures based on cult classics and your more off beat movies.

With this in mind they have just released their "Cult Classics" series 7 action figures 7.

This series features three new figures and includes one of my all time favorite characters and an iconic moment from one of the 70’s most popular horror fraschises.

  • Beetlejuice
  • The first of these, and my favorite, is Beetlejuice who was played by Michael Keaton. To be honest I had long since forgotten about this movie but seeing this brought back a flood of memories, and spurred me into getting a copy of the movie to watch again.

    Beetlejuice is an obnoxious, foul mouthed ghoul who is hired by a recently decent couple to get rid of the “human” family who has moved into their home.

    The results are hilarious and Beetlejuice is…

    Well, watch it and see.

    The Beetlejuice is probably the best sculpted of the three with a translucent plastic used for his hair which gives it just the right look.

    Although not a perfect Michael Keaton action figure but the likeness is very close and unmistakable, especial for a 7 inch figure.

    Some of the finer details have been added, including the green mold and his skin texture, giving it an overall look and feel reminiscent to the true character.

    Overall Beetlejuice is a very good sculpt, with a classic pose in his pinstriped suit and standing just over 7 inches in height.

    Beetlejuice has a ball jointed neck which lends itself well to this figure, allowing for some excellent poses well suited to this figure.,

    He also has ball jointed shoulders and wrists but one of the best features is a ball jointed waist which allows you to tilt him back and for.

    But that’s not all! He also has cut joints at the top of the boots, and on both elbows.

    Overall a very impressive action figure and well worth the 15 bucks despite a few minor paint problems.

    Oh, almost forgot he also comes with two snakes, as seen in the movie and, more impressively, the “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” which not only has the title and graphics on the cover but also on the spine!

    This is a nice added extra as the book plays an integral part of the movie and is therefore an important detail.

  • Regan
  • The second figure is Regan, the girl who is possessed, from Exorcist. However this is no ordinary action figure as the scene chosen is Regan’s ‘spider walk’ down the stairs.

    Why NECA chose this pose I don’t know, but I am glad they did as it is one of the most classic scenes from the movie and I’m glad to say they have done an excellent job of replicating it here.

    Despite the difficulty of the pose the overall look and sculpt is good with great attention to detail, although the paintwork is a little slapdash in places.

    I like this figure, and it doesn’t really need any articulation as the scene it sets doesn’t really lend itself to a variety of poses and is best left “as is” in my humble opinion.

  • Stuntman Mike
  • The last of the three action figures in this series is Stuntman Mike from the Quentin Tarantino movie Death Proof.

    Although this figure has a very good likeness of Kurt Russell I am not a fan of this movie so I’m not overly impressed by this figure.

    Stuntman Mike comes with two heads, his regular head with a cigarette and sunglasses and his alternate head without.

    Strangely enough his alternate head is the better of the two with more detail, better paintwork and more recognizable (maybe because of the lack of sunglasses and cigarette).

    Some of the finer added details are nice, like the jewelry and the watch, but overall I’m not impressed.

    Stuntman Mike has articulation on the neck in the form of a ball jointed join and cut shoulders, cut arms and cut wrists, but the movement on the wrists and ankles is so minimal to make it hardly worth mentioning.

    Avery disappointing choice overall I think, but hey if you’re a steadfast Kirt Russell or Tarantino fan I’m sure you’ll disagree.

    In fact I find NECA’s reasoning in including this in a Cult Classic series rather strange as there are much better Cult Classic movies that could have been included such as “Bladerunner”, “Clockwork Orange” and the “The Deer Hunter” to name a few.

    All these figures come in NECA’s classic clamshell packages which tend to hold up to wear and tear better than most other types of packaging on the market. The other advantage with this packaging is the printed inserts which allow for plenty of personalization, front and back and plenty of additional information that is sadly missing from so many other releases these days due to “cost cutting”.

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    NECA Cult Classics Series 7:

    • Beetlejuice
    • The Exorcist (Spiderwalk Regan)
    • Grindhouse Stuntman Mike

    Reservoir Dogs

    Labrinyth: The Lord of Darkness

    The Warriors Action Figures

    James Dean Figure

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