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"McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4"

Three Unforgettable Moments of Hockey History..."

"...Frozen in time for your enjoyment and pleasure"

What is your favourite moment of all time?

McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4 surpasses previous editions with 6 players from Hockey's Hall of Fame, 5 of them never feature in any previous release, and 3 of hockey most unforgettable moments.

McFarlane's Legends Series 4 have taken each of these hockey players and memorable moments and frozen them in time for you. Better than a photo or poster, and certainly more lifelike, these figures have captured the pure magic of the players and events bringing it alive in your own home for your personal pleasure.

Do you remember "The Great Ones" momentous game in the 1984 Stanley Cup finals?

McFarlane's NHL Legends Series 4 do, in style.

Despite his many awards & trophies it is this moment that stands out in his Hockey Hall of Fame career. After falling to the Islanders Dynasty in '83 the Oilers were determined to beat the 4 times defending champions in the return game the following year.

During this game Wayne Gretzky laid on probably one of his greatest games to help the Oilers clinch the cup and beat the Islanders. It is due to performances like this that he is considered to be hockey's greatest player, comparing to the likes of Michael Jordan & Babe Ruth in their respective sports.

McFarlane's NHL Legends Series 4 brings you...

Bobby Orr Takes Flight

Watch as Bobby Orr launches himself into the air during the final moments of the 1970 Stanley Cup. After a strongly fought and brilliantly defended game Bobby Orr launches his puck past Glenn Hall in the dieing moments of the game saving the Bruins and ending a 29 year stint without a trophy..

Probably one of the best finals and hardest fought battles Bobby Orr's goal in the final moments of the game and his subsequent flight remain one of the most memorable and lasting images in hockey history.

Now you can re-live the moment and excitement along with his fans with this NHL Legends magnificent reproduction.

McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4 introduces...

Darryl Sittler Maple Leaf's Finest

If your a Maple Leaf fan Darryl Sittler probably needs no introductions. On February 7th 1976 he entered the Hockey Hall of Fame by setting a new league record.

During this game against Boston, despite tough defending, he managed to score 10 points which is the most ever scored in one single game. Many of Toronto's fans consider him to be one of Maple Leaf's finest players.

Bobby Clarke Remembered here in McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4 for his key role in the 1972 Team Canada that edged the Soviets in the "Summit Series" and his shining career with Philadelphia in the 70's. During this time he helped to deliver 3 Stanley Cups to the "City of Love" as well as many other awards and trophies

Do you know who the "French Connection" are?

The "French Connection" McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4

No, then let me introduce you to Gilbert Perreault who was a brilliant forward with the Buffalo's and teamed with Richard Martin and Rene Robert who became collectively famous as the "French Connection".

For the first time he is remembered and honoured by McFarlanes in NHL Sports Pick for the first time. He now manages the Flyers, at the time of writing, he became famous in the 70's as one of the Flyers greatest forwards.

However his most memorable moment was when he teamed up with the rest of the "French Connection" to lead the Sabres to the Stanley Cup finals in 1975.

and last but not least McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4 brings you...

Bobby Hull

Famous for his blistering slapshots and thunderous body checks Bobby shocked the hockey World in 1972. Up until this time he was the celebrated and famous leader of the Chicago Blackhawks, then without any warning he announced that he was leaving the Blackhawks to join the newly formed WHA.

His career however continued to spiral as he established Winnipeg as a major hockey town.

"McFarlanes NHL Legends Series 4 bringing NHL history into your own living room"

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