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"Collecting McFarlanes NFL Figures?"

McFarlanes NFL figures are perfect replicas of the players that they feature. Mc Farlanes have gained a world wide reputation for creating figures that are of an excellent quality both in sculpt and detail and these NFL figures in their Sports Picks range are no exceptation.

Meticulously sculpted and finely painted McFarlanes NFL figures have again proved the talent and abilities of Mc Farlanes artists and why the company has quickly become one of the most respected amongst adult collectors and fans alike.

From it's humble begginnings back in 2001 with the innagual release of NHL figures the Sports Picks brand has gaine a large following.

With the licenses for all four of the major North American sports Mc Farlanes are sure to continue this trend for many more years.

As well as the regular series ofMcFarlanes NFL figures there are many exclusive Collectors Editions as well as variant and chase figures.

A Collectors Edition figure is usually packaged in a special clamshell display box with a limited production and are generally only available from the Mc Farlanes online store.

A variant is usually an unpublicised figure that is shipped with the regular figures but often with a small "variant" or difference. These figures usually have a limited quantity that is normally undisclosed.

A chase figure is similar to a variant but are alot less limited in production and are usually pre-advertised, generally with one or two per case of twelve.

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