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mcfarlanes dragons series 6

McFarlanes Dragons Just Got Better!

I didn't think they could do it but they have. McFarlanes Dragons Series 6 surpasses all previous sets and IMHO is the best yet.

Although I have yet to see the finished product up close and personal the photography is fantastic and the sculpting and detail looks superb.

McFarlanes have done the seemingly impossible and have created an even more spectaculr series of figures.

McFarlanes Dragons Series 6 introduces 5 all new figures to add to this their popular line of dragon figures.

Fossil Dragon Clan Boxed Set

This massive figure cuts a very imposing sight, it's jaws open in a fiery growl, it's claws flexing menacingly. With a total height of 10 inches to the tip of it's huge translucent wings I am looking forward to meeting this guy in the flesh!

The detail of the sculpt and the paintwork looks awesome from the photography that I have seen.

With a jointed jaw and articulation on the shoulders, hips, and a poseable tail there will be a few different poses available to try.

A flaming mane and partial body armor and a magnificently detailed base finish off this very impressive beast to perfection.

Hunter Dragons Clan

Measuring a massive 11 inches in length from the tip of his horn to the end of his tail and 4.5 inches at it's highest the Hunters Dragon Clan is one of the fiercest of dragonkind, and you can see why.

This awesome figure stands on a custom rock base, ready to pounce on a poor unsuspecting human who may wander by. This dragon has articulation on the neck, shoulder and hips.

Ice Dragon Clan

A beautifully sculpted and painted figure this magnificent beast this Ice Dragon looms high above a damsel in distress.

Measuring 16 inches from the tip of it's head to the tip of it's fully extendable tale and 4 1/2 inches in height at it's highest point this figure is very imposing.

Standing on a custom made ice base it is articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips.

Scavenger Dragon Clan

The Scavenger Dragon hovers high above it's custom base, searching for food he calls out to his fellow scavengers.

Measuring a height of 10 3/4 inches at it's highest point and a magnificent wingspan of 13 inches the problem with this one will be were to put it.

The Scavenger Dragon has very little articulation and to be honest it doesn't really need it.

This figure is definitely not meant to be played with and it's sculpted profile is excellent and doesn't really require any adjusting.

But don't worry, for those of you who like to have a certain amount of flexibilty in your figures there is articulation at the base of it's neck and at the back of it's head.

Each of these figures features and original paint and scult, measuring approx 6 inches and comes packaged in the classic Mc Farlane's clamshell display case.

Warrior Dragon Clan

The Warrior Dragon is one of the few that have been "domesticated" by humans. These fierce beast were a flying version of the warrior elephants used in Asia by the likes of Genghis Khan.

Complete with body army these massive beast are sure to have struck fear into their foes as they swooped down on them.

It's head rearing back, like that of a giant cobra, this Warrior Dragon is poised ready to strike.

With it's human riders, partial body armor, and real chain reigns and custom base it rises 8 inches tall to the top of it's wings and is articulated at the shoulders, mid-neck and at two points along it's tail..

Can't wait for the release datefor McFarlanes Dragons Series 6, looks like Christmas will be early this year ;-)

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