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McFarlanes Dragons Series 5, The Battle Begins

Mc Farlane's Dragons Series 5 finally introduces the human plague into the Dragons Kingdom but...

Is this the beginning of the end for Dragonkind?

Warriors of the Zodiac Series 1 Action Figure Setdescription of imageAlthough there have been human figures in previous releases this is the first time that every drag6n comes with humans as McFarlanes introduce humans as a permanent feature to the Dragon Kingdom.

In Dragon's Series 5 the humans are more to scale than earlier releases and as a result give a truer impression of the size of these massive and ferocious beasts.

Personally I think this makes the overall series look much better by adding a sense of scale and dimension not only to the humans and dragons but to their surroundings also.

I know, however, that others disagree arguing that by changing the scale of the humans these will look out of place against previous figures especially those that came with humans and that by downsizing them they have effectively increased the series dimensions without having to actually add anything to them.

I have no real problem with this as it also means that they haven't had to increase the price.

The main problem that I can see however is that due to their size, approx 3/4 an inch, there is very little in the way of detail on these. These figures come in the now almost standard clamshell boxes which are much easier to store than the more traditional style.

The artwork is excellent and as an added bonus each pack comes with an episode of the storyline behind this series. Each of these inserts also comes with some beautiful photography of the featured Dragon.

Dragons Series 5 features dragons from the Water, Fire, Eternal, Sorcerers and Komodo clans.

The sculpting on these overall is fantastic with a great attention to detail. The scales on each of the dragons has been finely crafted as has been the overall texture between the body and wings.

There are a few minor inconsistencies but nothing that detracts from the overall effect of these figures and dioramas. The paintwork is also excellent with a fantastic variety of colors and contrast very artistically and realistically applied.

fire dragon The figures in Dragons Series 5 they have very little articulation and what there is only allows for a slight adjustment in pose but this is all that is needed for these figures.

These mythical creatures have been captured and frozen in time perfectly and I for one think that there is little, if any, adjustment required. each dragon has a bendable tail and most have articulation on the head, neck and arms.

beserker dragon With Dragons Series 5 Mc Farlanes have excelled themselves, again making this one of my favourite sets to date. The overall look and creativity of the awesome figures is superb. The detail in the sculpting and paintwork, barring a few minor faults, is up to Mc Farlane's usual excellent standards. Each figure also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, and includes some very good photos.

As with most Mc Farlane Toys though they are really more an inexpensive adults collectible than a toy. Some of you will probably argue that they aren't so inexpensive.

I am eagerly awaiting what Series 6 will have in stall for us.

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