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"McFarlane NHL Figures - See The Action"

McFarlane NHL Figures and Sports Pick line up will bring your favourite hockey moments and players into your own home, frozen in time for you to enjoy. Better than any photo or poster these figures are so lifelike and genuine that it is almost like being there.

Although not a huge fan of hockey, I'm more into the horror and fantasy stuff, the detail and authenticity of McFarlanes hockey figures never ceases to amaze me. The fact that I'm not a huge fan but still enjoy the Sports Pick line up only emphasises how good these are.

Introduced in 2001 McFarlanes NHL figures were the inaugural release of the new Sports Pick brand and the companies first attempt to tap into the huge Sports market . The choice of hockey for their first release may seem strange to many but Todd McFarlane, Spawn creator and the company founder, was already an avid sports fan and collector of sports memorabilia as well as being a part owner of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team so this was a natural choice for him...

And so began what has become the McFarlane NHL figures & the McFalanes Sports Pick brand that since it's humble beginnings now represents all of North America's major sports including NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NFL Football as well as NHL Hockey.

Each figure captures a unique moment in NHL history, freezing it in time for your pleasure and enjoyment. So realistic you will almost be able to hear the chants of the crowds and the thunderous clash of hockey sticks as the puck whistles blisteringly past you, and shards of ice being thrown into the air like fragments of broken glass as the players skates carve up the rink.

McFarlanes Freeze Time For You...NHL Legends Series 4