McFarlane NBA Series 15 Features New NBA Trades

McFarlanes always aim to keep their MBA Sports Picks line current and up to date with all the lastest news and trades and the Mcfarlane NBA 15 delivers just that with two of the NBA's trade deadline deals incorporated into this new series Sports Picks action figures.

One of the biggest changes to occur is the Phoenix Suns change in their play and philosophy with the acquisition of Shaquille O'Neal from the Miami Heat.

Shaq's Mcfarlane NBA 15 action figure is his second and will be a re-paint of his hugely popular "Shaq 2" action figure from NBA Series 4 in his classic dunking pose.

In a deadline deal the Atlanta Hawks acquired Mike Bibby from the Sacramento Kings to help shore up their backcourt presence.

Bibby will be featured an all new head sculpt and his new Atlanta Hawk colors.

Check them all out here:

Due: Nov, 2008

mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures
  • Ben Gordon - Chicago Bulls
    • #7 Chicago Bulls (Guard) (2004-08)
    • Nickname: Ben
    • Ht: 6'3" Wt: 200lbs.
    • Born: 04/04/1983 (London, England UK)
    • School: University of Connecticut

    Drafted third overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 2004 NBA Draft, Ben Gordon was one of those NBA hopefuls who managed to boost their stock on draft day as he was expected to be picked somewhere between 7th and 12th.

    It still remains a question mark as to how Gordon went that high on the draft board considering that several big men were still available on the draft board.

    There were several speculations but one thing was clear from the start, Gordon was a reliable scorer ever since his college days.

    By drafting him early, it sure made the Bulls management look smart on taking that risk.

    Physically, Ben Gordon has a strong and compact body for a point guard which should be his natural position for his NBA height. But despite his lack of height, he makes up for it with his scoring ability thus he is more known as a 'combo guard', with emphasis on being a scoring guard.

    With his flair for scoring, he has won the Sixth Man of the Year award in just his rookie season (2004), which was an NBA first.

    Gordon has earned the starting shooting guard spot in the team lineup due to his potent scoring but his true value is really being the sixth man of the team.

    Coming off the bench, Gordon is an instant scoring threat, the "sparkplug" so to speak.

    When the offense goes stale on the basketball court, he is the first player called up to find a way to ignite the team offense.

    With his quickness, agility, ball handling capability and most of all, his highly accurate smooth-looking jump shot, Gordon can find a way to score the basket thru shooting the lights out from behind the 3-point line, penetrating the lane or getting to the charity stripe for easy free throws.

    Ben Gordon is a lean and mean scoring machine albeit with a lack of mentality to run the offense from the point guard position on a very consistent basis.

    He IS the offense for a Chicago Bulls squad known for their suffocating defense.

    He can score with the shot clock dwindling to the last second or with the game on the line.

    But a contract dispute has recently arose, Gordon now wants a lucrative multi-year deal and it is quite a mystery as to why the Bulls management still hasn�t retained the services of the teams leading scorer.

    Both parties won't budge on offers and counter-offers leaving many to wonder as to how much Gordon is really worth to the squad.

    What's more puzzling is that no other team seems to have shown interest in acquiring Gordon considering that he is the best restricted free agent left available in the market.

    Although it is clear that Gordon still has some more conditioning to do with regards to playing a full game when he is a starter, it cannot be denied that he is a lethal weapon when used as a substitute.

    Regarding this matter, it won't be long before something or someone finally gives in.

    There may be pros and cons when judging a player's ability and his value to the team as a whole, but there is also no denying that when an important game is on the line, you should always have someone to turn to.

    2007-08 REGULAR SEASON

    • 18.6 PPG
    • 3.1 RPG
    • 3.0 AST
    • 0.8 STL
    • 90.8% FT
    • 43.4% FG
    • 41% 3-pt. FG

    Figure Stats

    Figure stands 5 3/4 inches tall.

    Articulated at thighs.

    Includes 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and Chicago Bulls team logo.

    BUY NOW Mcfarlane NBA Sports Picks Series 15 Action Figure Ben Gordon (Chicago Bulls) White Jerseymcfarlane nba, nba figures

    mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures

  • Desmond Mason - Milwaukee Bucks
    • #24 Seattle Supersonics (Guard/Forward) (2000-03)
    • #24 Milwaukee Bucks (Guard/Forward) (2003-05/2007-08)
    • #24 New Orleans/Oklahoma Hornets (2005-07)
    • #24 Oklahoma City Thunder (2008-present)
    • Nickname: Dez; Mase
    • Ht: 6'5" Wt: 222lbs.
    • Born: 10/11/1977 (Waxahachie, Texas)
    • School: Oklahoma State University

    If there is one player on a team roster that a coach could call up to do a little bit of everything, Desmond Mason is the one who fits the shoe.

    Drafted 17th overall in the 2000 NBA draft by the Seattle Supersonics, Mason carved his name into the hearts and minds of the Sonics fans by becoming the first Sonics player to win the NBA All-Stars Slam Dunk Contest.

    Since then he has become a regular face in the team rotation and stood out with his electrifying moves and athleticism whenever he is on the floor.

    Although not the first option on the team, Mason did well in other categories by helping out the team on defense and in rebounding.

    His work ethic eventually paid off when he became a regular starter for his team and therefore was able to showcase his talents and contribute more.

    But the downside was that he also became the target of other teams looking for a trade and he was more often than not the 'sweetener' to every major trade deals in the league.

    From Seattle to Milwaukee then to New Orleans and back, Mason has proved to be a reliable player and an asset to every team he has played for.

    Aside from his contributions to the team, Mason was also active in off-court activities helping out in the various communities he is involved in.

    He is known to be a class act in the locker room and a role model for kids in the community.

    Although he is not the All-Star type of player who can command a big contract, he has intrinsic values which other teams actively seek for in a player.

    Mason's recent league statistics doesn't show much to be desired for but he is a proven double digit scorer and the third or fourth offensive option on the floor for much of his NBA career.

    He may not be a big time NBA superstar but because of his work ethic and personality, Mason has endeared himself to fans everywhere.

    As of recently he is again on his way to Oklahoma to play for the newly relocated Sonics franchise.

    In a way he is back to the team where he started his career but is now in a different location.

    With his track record so far as being the consummate teammate and NBA personality, wherever he may end up, Desmond Mason will most definitely be a welcome addition.

    2007-08 REGULAR SEASON

    • 9.7 PPG
    • 4.3 RPG
    • 2.1 AST
    • 65.9% FT
    • 48.2% FG

    Figure Stats

    Figure measures 7 3/8 inches from tip of foot to top of head; 9 inches from foot to top of ball.

    When placed on stand, top of head is 9 1/2 inches high.

    Articulated at thighs. Includes 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and Milwaukee Bucks team logo.

    BUY NOW Desmond Mason McFarlane NBA 15 Milwaukee Bucksmcfarlane nba, nba figures

    mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures

  • Michael Conley
  • Figure Stats

    Figure measures 7 inches from tip of right foot to top of head.

    Articulated at neck, shoulders and thighs.

    Includes 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and Memphis Grizzlies team logo.

    BUY NOW McFarlane Toys NBA Sports Picks Series 15 Action Figure Michael Conley (Memphis Grizzlies)mcfarlane nba, nba figures

    mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures

  • Kobe Bryant 5 - Los Angeles Lakers
  • Since their earlier troubles and spats in the 2005-06 NBA season, Phil Jackson and his young superstar settled their differences and have worked well together since and Kobe has enjoyed one of his finest years in the league.

    Most notable was in January 2006 when he scored a career high 81 points in a win over the Toronto Raptors eclipsing the franchise record of 71 points scored by Elgin Baylor.

    It now stands as the 2nd most points scored in a game in NBA history.

    Entering in his prime, Bryant changed his jersey number from #8 to #24 before the start of the 2006-07 NBA season to signify the second half of his career.

    He has matured into a well-rounded player and teammate and is well-behaved off the court as well.

    As a result, he has regained the endorsements he had lost and has become a marketing icon once again.

    To cap it all up, having won the 2008 NBA MVP just puts the icing on his illustrious career.

    Figure Stats

    Figure measures 6 5/8 inches from foot to top of head.

    When placed on stand, top of head is 8 inches high.

    Articulated at thighs.

    Includes 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and L.A. Lakers team logo.

    mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures

  • Mike Bibby 2 - Atlanta Hawks
  • #10 Atlanta Hawks (Point guard) (2008-present)

    Ht: 6' 1" Wt: 190lbs.

    He used to be the point man that made the Sacramento Kings a perennial playoff contender but he was then acquired by the Atlanta Hawks on the February 2008 trading deadline.

    Mike Bibby has then taken his court leadership to a relatively young team in need of direction and the veteran point guard did not disappoint.

    Despite getting traded halfway through the season, Bibby was able to provide the young Hawks what they needed most- a playoff seasoning.

    Bibby averaged 14.1 points and 6.5 assists per game for the Atlanta Hawks during the regular season.

    But his biggest contribution to the young team was becoming the veteran court general who, together with franchise player Joe Johnson, led the teams into its first postseason appearance after almost 10 years.

    He did all that despite battling several injuries and running an unfamiliar offensive scheme.

    Seeded eight entering the Eastern Conference playoffs, the young Atlanta Hawks relied heavily on their two veteran stars Bibby and Johnson in facing the number one seed Boston Celtics which was laden with a trio of superstars in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

    Everyone thought it was going to be a walk in the park for the heavily favored Celtics team but the Hawks, under the guidance of veterans Johnson and Bibby, literally shocked the world by taking the series all the way to a final and deciding game seven.

    Mike Bibby may have averaged just 10.3 points and 3.1 assists in seven postseason games against the eventual champs Celtics but the fact that he led a young team into the playoffs barely knowing the team's offensive plays speak volumes of his floor leadership and professionalism.

    With a new NBA season in the horizon and the opportunity to know the team plays and his teammates better in training camp, Bibby will definitely do wonders for his new team.

    If only to prove that last year's success was no fluke, the Hawks will definitely try to soar again this upcoming season with the help of a re-energized fan base.

    The teams' turnaround wouldn't have been possible without Bibby at the helm.

    Figure Stats

    Figure measures 5 3/4 inches at top of head.

    Articulated at thighs.

    Includes 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and Atlanta Hawks team logo.

    BUY NOW NBA Series 15:Mike Bibby - Atlanta Hawksmcfarlane nba, nba figures

    mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures

  • Shaquille O'Neal 2 - Phoenix Suns
  • #32 Phoenix Suns (Center) (2008-present)

    Ht: 7' 1" Wt: 325lbs.

    Nickname: Shaq; Diesel; The Big Aristotle

    Larger than life, a formidable presence and surprisingly quick for a man his size, Shaquille O'Neal is considered as one of the most dominant players ever to play in the NBA. But even great players, despite their popularity and ability, have their share of getting traded to other teams and O'Neal was no exception. That is just how the way of business goes in the NBA.

    After teaming up with young superstar Dwyane Wade in helping the Miami Heat franchise capture their first ever NBA championship trophy in 2006, O'Neal was hampered by a nagging knee injury in the following two seasons and was practically non-existent in helping Miami repeat as champions. The Big Aristotle then experienced a career low in almost every statistical category during that span and his role with the team was greatly diminished.

    He was eventually traded to the Phoenix Suns on February 2008 in exchange for high flying forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks. O'Neal's arrival in Phoenix marked the fourth team that he has played for in his 16 years in the league. But this time he was not expected to be the star of a team already laden with talent and speed. Averaging a pedestrian 12.9 points and 10 rebounds with the Suns, Shaq has become an afterthought alongside his younger, more talented, and explosive frontcourt teammate Amare Stoudamire.

    But despite the meager production, O'Neal was still able to help the Suns reach the postseason. O'Neal’s primary role with Phoenix was actually to match up against the big men of the defending champions San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs. But unfortunately, the chemistry and discipline of the champs were simply too good for the Suns as they were eliminated out of the 1st round in just five games.

    O'Neal has embraced his role as a veteran player in the Phoenix locker room, not as the center of attention he used to be with his former teams. Having young All-Star forward Stoudamire as his frontcourt mate makes the job easier for O’Neal and also gives the Phoenix Suns two formidable anchors in both offense and defense. What's more disturbing is that when Phoenix gets a healthy O'Neal for one season, this could spell disaster for the opposing teams. For despite being slowed down by age and injuries, Shaq is still considered as one of the top five centers in the NBA and nobody can dispute that.

    From Orlando to Los Angeles to Miami and now in Phoenix, O'Neal's value as a player has greatly diminished and his only asset now is becoming trade bait, what with the $20 million a year salary in his contract. But O'Neal has recently announced that he will be retiring from the game after his contract is done thus effectively eliminating any thoughts of reviving his career someplace else.

    Figure Stats

    Airborne figure measures 9 3/4 inches at top of head; 10 3/4 inches at top of hands.

    Articulated at thighs.

    Includes net, ball, and 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and Phoenix Suns logo.

    BUY NOW McFarlane Toys NBA Sports Picks Series 15 Action Figure Shaquille O'Neal (Phoenix Suns)mcfarlane nba, nba figures

    mcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figuresmcfarlane nba, nba figures

  • Vince Carter 3 - New Jersey Nets
    • #15 Toronto Raptors (Guard) (1998-2004)
    • #15 New Jersey Nets (Guard) (2004-present)
    • Nickname: Vinsanity
    • Ht: 6'6" Wt: 220lbs.
    • Born: 01/26/1977 (Dayton Beach, Florida)
    • School: University of North Carolina

    Vincent Lamar Carter was drafted fifth overall by the Golden State Warriors in 1998 and was then immediately traded to the new franchise Toronto Raptors where he made a name for himself by becoming one of the most exciting and entertaining players in the league.

    As his popularity rose, so did the Toronto franchise and he went on to become the face of the Raptors team and its top player up until 2004 when he forced a trade demand and thus was eventually dealt to the New Jersey Nets.

    Carter is best known for his gravity defying acrobatic display of seemingly impossible dunks and shot-making ability wherein he drew comparisons to 'His Airness', the legendary Michael Jordan.

    The game was all flash and style for Carter. He was nicknamed 'Vinsanity' for his aerial display of dunks and crazy shots drew the attention of the crowd wherever and wherever he played.

    This was one of the reasons why he was an All-Star for much of his career- the fans adored him.

    He was more of an entertainer than an athlete and it is quite ironic since a player with his athleticism can do so much more than just showcase his jumping and dunking abilities.

    The trade to the New Jersey Nets somehow has done wonders for Carter and the way he plays the game.

    He does not seem to have the same intensity to please the crowd compared to his years in Toronto.

    As he grew older, his game has also matured somewhat maybe because of the various injuries that he has gone through.

    Carter has become more of a shooter and a willing passer, although it still looks as if he could still take the game at any time just to get his nightly 20 points. But overall, Carter is still the one his team relies on when the game is on the line.

    His postseason experiences have made him a scoring threat which could blow apart the opposition at the flick of a button.

    His transfer to New Jersey gave the team more scoring options.

    But just recently, the team has traded away their long tenured All-Stars in the person of Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson, in effect handing over the team's fate to Vince Carter.

    The New Jersey Nets have made a big gamble with this situation considering the fact that Carter is not getting any younger and his bloated contract makes him un-tradable when the need to replace him arises.

    The only factor that looks good for the Nets right now is that he is still a player of All-Star caliber who is a veteran they can rely on to give them the offensive spark needed to lead the team.

    Although Carter still has the scoring touch, his game is, sad to say, definitely on the decline what with his chronic knee injuries.

    But until his scoring average hasn�t dipped below the 20 point mark, here's hoping that he may still be able to prove to the fans and the critics alike that their fears about his career is all but speculation.

    2007-08 REGULAR SEASON

    • 21.3 PPG
    • 6.0 RPG
    • 5.1 AST
    • 1.2 STL
    • 81.6% FT
    • 45.6% FG
    • 35.9% 3-pt. FG

    Figure Stats

    Figure measures 6 3/4 inches from tip of right foot to top of head; 8 1/2 inches from foot to top of ball.

    Articulated at thighs.

    Includes 4-inch wide by 6-inch deep custom base with player name, number and NY Nets team logo.

    BUY NOW McFarlane Toys NBA Sports Picks Series 15 Action Figure Vince Carter (New Jersey Nets)

    Note: all player stats courtesy of

    Due: Nov, 2008

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