lord mammon, spawn series, spawn action figure, spawn

McFarlanes Spawn Series 30 Dark Lord Mammon Action Figure

Mean and menacing the Lord Covenant has been taken straight from the Spawn: The Dark Ages series of comic books.

Standing ready for battle, his cape flung over his shoulders, a huge double bladed battle axe held ready to swing in one powerful fist and his shield held fast in front of him in the other.

lord mammon, spawn series, spawn action figure, spawn

This figure has been taken directly from the comic book and the attention to detail is absolutely superb with even the smallest details being reproduced including the intricate designs on his axe and shield.

Mc Farlane's have excelled themselves with the Lord Covenant and again prove how a two dimensional comic character can be successfully transformed into a formidable and imposing three dimensional figure.

lord mammon, spawn series, spawn action figure, spawn

Based on the character from the Adventures of Spawn online comic the Dark Lord Mammon is the last of his kind, a master of deceit and deception he was overlooked by even his peers but now...

He stands on the edge of destroying mankind and becoming Lord and Master of all Dominions...

Lord Mammon is a Collectors Club Exclusive so don't try searching for it in the stores.

As expected the sculpting and detail on this figure is clean and sharp. He stands approx 7.5 inches from top to bottom and his Demon head looks pucker!

If you purchase one of these be careful though as there are two versions on display in some places. One with his Demon head and one with his Human head. However you only need to buy both if you're going to keep them sealed in the box.

Both of these boxed versions come complete with BOTH heads as well as Demon and Human hands and two of his demon minions.

His demon minions are a great bonus and really add to the overall effect of this figure. Each of them stands approx 2 inches high and are beautifully detailed.

He has articulation on his neck, elbows and wrists and his minions are articulated at the shoulders also.

lord mammon, spawn series, spawn action figure, spawn

But careful with his arms as again they are not easily removed. Also the head is difficult to swap over but both are doable if you're careful.

Make sure you wash your hands before attempting also or you'll end up with dirty thumb prints all over him, a mistake I almost made ;-) .

All in all another excellent figure. Well worth the extra pennies for it's exclusivity.

Definitly a nice added touch to the collection and one I'm sure fans will enjoy.

Figure Specs

The evil overlord stands 7" tall on custom round base.

Articulated at neck, elbows and wrists.

Comes with alternate demon head and hands, and two monster minions, each standing 2" tall, both articulated at shoulders.


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