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The Komodo Dragon Clan Mc Farlanes Dragons Series 5

The Komodo Dragon is one of the most viscous amongst Dragonkind, a fast runner and good climber he is a dangerous predator.

Usually found living in swamps, bogs, savannahs, islands and marshland he isn't easy to find or capture. The Komodo Dragon often lives in burrows and caves underground and has been known to cause earthquakes.

komodo dragon 2 This spectacular figure features a menacing Komodo Dragon attacking a knight, who is valiantly trying to rescue a captive maiden. His sword drawn ready for battle the Komodo rears up in front of him ready to strike.

The detail on this sculpt is fantastic and the paintwork is equally beautifully and finely applied with great attention to detail.

komodo dragon 3 The artwork on his wings is some of the best paintwork I have seen on a figure. The eye like designs on the back of its wings really stand out and look fantastic.

Apparently these designs are more commonly found on small winged insects to scare off potential predators, not that this particular beast needs them.

KOMODO DRAGON 4 By complete contrast the human figures are mediocre at best. The knight is a uniform silver color and the maiden, although wearing a toga like dress, has very little in the way of features. This is disappointing coming from Mc Farlanes but their size makes it understandable.

I know I haven't made an issue of this with the previous reviews from this series but I do feel that the human figure have been "forgotten" and that they could have been done better, despite their size.

It's almost as someone has said, "Never mind the humans, no-one will notice them. Just make them the right color and it'll be ok".

But I disagree. It's nice to see them in scale and they do add to the overall effect but...

I am left wondering whether they could have been made better.

komodo 5 In conclusion another great addition to the series. Well presented, sculpted and painted.

A very impressive and overbearing figure with its wings reaching a height of 8 1/2 inches and a spectacular wingspan of 12 1/2 inches.

This figure has slightly more articulation than the others with articulation on the head, base of the neck,mid-section, base and mid-tail, the right wing also pivots at its base.

Each figure also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, and includes some very photos.

komodo packaging

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