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Justin Verlander Caught Doing 100 mph!

justin verlander Born on February 20 1983 in Manakin-Sabat, Virginia, Justin Verlander is very religious and attends mass every morning.

His baseball career started at the age of 13 when his father sent him to baseball academy because he was fed up of catching his fastball for him.

Shortly after starting at the academy his pitch was recorded at speeds in the mid eighties and this continued to get better until he was achieving speeds in the mid nineties.

However, his career suffered a considerable set back when he caught step throat and his speeds dropped down to the low eighties. As a result the major leagues lost interest in him .

justin verlander baseball player In his first year at the Old Dominion University a fully recovered Justin Verlander was soon hitting balls in the mid nineties again and even had a few recorded in excess of 100 mph.

During the three years he played on the Old Dominion University team he set a school record of 139 strikeouts in a single season ( 2003 ) and in 2004 he bettered this by setting a new Colonial Athletics Association record of 151 strikeouts in a single season.

It was during the 2004 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft that the Detroit Tigers selected him second overall.

justin verlander baseball memorabilia �After lengthy negotiations with the Tigers Verlander was finally drafted and signed his contract in October.

Initially he was drafted into the Florida State League were he achieved great success and was occasionally drafted into the major leagues for a brief appearance.

His success here led to his winning the Minor League Baseball "2005 Starting Pitcher of the Year Award".

justin verlander mcfarlanes figure �With an excellent curveball and a deceptive changeup and a fastball that is usually in the high nineties, but has been clocked at over 100 mph on several occasions, he is considered to be one of the major leagues most talented and top starting pitchers.

Although recieving little acknowledgement for his quick pick-off move he only allowed one stolen base and picked off no less than seven baserunners in the 2006 season. His major setback is his control, if he can improve this he will likely qualify as a top starting pitcher with the major leagues for some time.

In 2006 Justin Verlander became the first rookie pitcher in the history of the game to record ten wins before June.

His averages for the season have topped those by any other rookie in the games history. He also won the American League Rookie of the Year and became the first Detroit Tigers pitcher to win the award since 1978.
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