My name is Joshua Henry and Iím an avid sports fan who happens to write about sporting as a hobby, and still manages to earn a living.

I consider myself extremely lucky for the privilege to do so.

Though I would never be so bold as to seat myself beside the likes of Gary Smith, Gregg Easterbrook, and other great sportswriters, I do consider myself to share their passion for sport.

Iím only one among many in the field of sports writing. And with the blogging-boom and other mediums for media, Iím proud enough to run center-pack when it comes to my views and opinions.

I started writing about sports after witnessing my first live event. I was only twelve when the Boston Red Sox grasped my attention and refused to let it go. I immediately rushed home at games end and wrote my first journal entry about a veteran third-baseman named Wade Boggs.

Sixteen years later; Iíve witnessed the rise and fall of multiple players and franchises alike.

At the age of twenty-eight, I feel as though Iíve lived an entire lifetime of sports, and thereís nothing I enjoy more than returning to paper whatís been taken through my eyes.

Attempting to be recognized as a sportswriter hasnít always been easy.

As a tried and true fan of the Boston Red Sox, I know all too well about heartbreak and tragedy.

Though the years since í04 have lent a gentle smile in the direction of Sox Nation, our guts are still wrenched to knots by memories of Bucknerís crucial lapse of ground/glove coordination, and Booneís only meaningful major league hit.

Standing at the precipice of prominence and finding that youíre locked in quicksand is a very humbling feeling.

The majority of my late teens and early twenties were spent counting rejection letters from suit-and-tie publications.

Itís hard to harbor ill-will or cling onto regret once youíve explored the internet.

This is where sports writing can truly touch a fan, not just a subscription base.

This is where everyone has a voice, none more superior than the other.

Iíve grown to love all sports and Iím excited for what the future holds for sport as a whole.

As long as touchdown passes are thrown, goals are kicked, and buzzers are beat, fans will always have a voice.

Weíre the driving force behind sportsí dominance, and I feel honored to be part of the community.


Joshua Henry

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