24, 24 series, 24 SEASON

Jack Bauers Finally Captured in 24 Series!

Jack Bauer's, aka Kieth Sutherland, has finally been captured! That is McFarlane's have finally secured a license to produce action figures based on the highly successful tv series 24 starring Keith Sutherland as Jack Bauers.

24 is one of 20th Century Fox's most popular shows and is one of the most ground-breaking, innovative and acclaimed shows on television, making it the perfect match for McFarlane's Toys.

Each series centers around one real day in the life of maverick and eccentric anti-terrorist agent Jack Bauer with each episode representing one real hour in Jack's day. jack bauer, 24, 24 series, 24 season

24's loyal and passionate fans eagerly await the release of the first two figures which are scheduled for August and November releases.

When talking about the upcoming release a 20 Century Fox representative stated that "Todd and his team have built their reputation on bringing innovation, creativity and magnificent attention to detail across all their intellectual property offerings." jack bauer, 24, 24 series, 24 season

I couldn't agree more and I'm sure that fans of the show and McFarlane's fans won't be disappointed in these.

Both these box sets show our hero in action with Jack poised armed and ready for any danger or threat.

One of the most wanted men alive these figures capture the feel and energy of the show in their intricate detail. Each figure also has many points of articulation in order for you to show him off in your favorite pose.

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