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indiana jones and the temple of doom movie, indiana jones, indiana jones figures

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Movie

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie was the second installment in the original Indiana Jones trilogy. After Indiana Jones's clash with the Nazis he continues on his spirited adventures, this time in the mystic country of India where he unexpectedly crashes in an isolated Indian village.

indiana jones and the temple of doom movie, indiana jones, indiana jones figures

In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie is set with the scenic beauty of Indian as it's backdrop and its cultural trends give the movie a different and unique atmosphere, unusual in Hollywood movies of this time.

Just like James Bond, Indiana also has a knack for getting involved with beautiful women, this time with a rather loud mouthed whining babe but much to the surprise of all, Indiana doesn't seem to be bothered and instead he seems to antagonize her all the more! In fact their flirtatious tangle is similar to that of Han Solo and Princess Leia, when they both used to get feisty with each other.

In the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie he also has a new pint sized side-kick, a street-smart Chinese kid with a funny voice and accent who can also drive a car and a cart who becomes very loyal and close to Indiana and although he is small in stature he proves to be a very handy and effective when fighting alongside Indiana.

indiana jones and the temple of doom movie, indiana jones, indiana jones figures

In order to save the local villagers, who are cursed after they lost their sacred stone, Indiana sets out on a quest to regain it from the clutches of an Indian cult and in the process proves himself to be their chosen one for the villagers.

The locally occultists are called the "Thuggees" who are devil worshippers who practice black magic and child slavery. Their vicious high priest is known as "Mola Ram", played by late Indian actor Amresh Puri known for his villainous roles in Indian cinema, who's party trick is to rip a person's heart out with his bare hands and keep them alive while their heart continues beating in his hand!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Movie was released in 1984, but it wasn't as commercially successful as the first movie but overall the Temple of Doom, with its new and unique plot, did a fine job and kept the Indiana Jones franchise alive.

indiana jones and the temple of doom movie, indiana jones, indiana jones figures

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Movie Synopsis

The story begins with Indiana Jones in a Chinese club, called Club Obi Wan, in the middle of a diamond deal which turns out to be a scam. A fight ensues and Indiana escapes, along with a club dancer called Willie and his eleven year old sidekick, Short Round, who gets caught up in the mix.

They climb aboard a plane to facilitate their escape which happens to be owned by another crime boss who has other ideas Indiana and company.

During the flight the pilot jumps from the plane leaving it to crash, Indiana and his companions manage to crash the plane into a river.

Indiana Jones soon realizes that they are in India when they arrive at a troubled village who have lost their sacred stone and it seems many of their children are also missing.

indiana jones and the temple of doom movie, indiana jones, indiana jones figures

Thinking that Indiana is their "Chosen One" they plead for his help and Indiana Jones, along with Willie and Short Round, head towards the Pankot Palace which seeems to be the source of their troubles.

They discover that an occultist cult in the palace, called the Thuggee have possession of the three Sankara stones, including the one they stole belonging to the villagers. They have also abducted the villagers children to use for labor in order to mine out the last two stones hidden deep down and with the five stones combined they can gain their mystical power and glory for themselves.

In an attempt to take the Sankara stones Indiana, along with Willie and Shorty are caught by the evil high priest of the Thuggees called Mola Ram. Indiana is put into a mindless trance state while Willie is chosen as a human sacrifice and Shorty is put to work along with the other slave children.

Shorty manages to escape and brings Indiana back to his senses, then together they save Willie and taking the stones they fight off the Thuggees to free the children.

During their escape they are confronted by Mola Ram and his henchmen on a dangerous wooden bridge, high above a crocodile infested river and being outnumbered Indiana decides to cut off the bridge while instructing Shorty and Willie to hold on to the ropes!

And so the three heroes cling to the dangling rope bridge while Mola Ram...

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