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Are you fed up with wasting hours on-line trying to find the action figure information you want?


You'll find all your answers here.

And if you don't, why not ask my resident experts.

Are you new to collecting action figures?

Confused by all the different choices?

Then relax.

I will show you how to choose what to collect, how to collect them, where to get them.

Looking for the best places to buy your action figures and save more money?

I will show how and where.

Do you the difference between a variant, chase, and super chase figure?


Then find out here before you trade out that super rare chase figure or you miss that ultra cheap action figure auction on eBay.

  • Learn how protect, store and clean your action figures to keep their value, looks, and collectibility.
  • Learn the difference between a variant, chase, and super chase figure and make sure you don't trade the wrong one!
  • Learn how to grade your action figures so you can find out there value more accurately.

What is "Customizing"?

Customizing is the hobby of changing the look and design of your action figures to create your own unique figure and is one of the fastest growing areas in action figure collecting.

No longer do you have to wait for the manufacturers to release your favourite super hero, sport, tv, film, or pop star, instead create your own unique action figure.

Interested? Then read the easy to follow step by step guide.

Learn how to sculpt and mold your own accessories or add unique features, such as wings, to your action figures.

How to build a diorama, scenery, rivers, mountains and...

But wait, there's more:

  • All the latest news
  • Up to date reviews
  • The newest, latest exclusive, rare and variant action figures.
  • Newsletter
  • RSS Feeds
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Price Guides



Win regularly prizes and cash in my monthly and periodical competitions, including Review of the Month and Custom of the Month

Enjoy your browse, have fun and see you again soon!

Colin :-)


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McFarlanes 2009 Release Schedule

All the latest news of McFarlane Toys release schedule for 2009.

Plenty of Halo, Gutar Hero and McFarlane Sports Picks to keep you broke and your shelves full!

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