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Learn How To Play Bakugan

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Bakugan is an excellent new game of skill and chance that is suitable for anyone over 5 years of age.

With fairly simply rules to follow for the basic game it is adataple for any level of play, with the Asian version of the game being far more complex than the English version.

The game itself consists of two main elements:

  • The cards: there are 4 types of cards
  • The Bakugan: there are 6 types of Bakugan

How To Play Bakugan

The concept behind Bakugan is fairly simple.

When a Bakugan sphere or marble is rolled onto one of the metal gate cards it will pop open and reveal a Bagukan inside

It is G-Power that decides the outcome of a battle.

The Bakugan with the highest total G-Power wins.

That's it in a nutshell.

The Two Player Bakugan Game

For the two player game each player has a team of 3 Bakugan and each is trying to be the first to capture 3 Gate cards.

The Set Up

Each player needs 3 Bakugan, 3 Gate cards: one of each color, (The Gate cards are heavier than the others and make the Bakugan open.) and 3 Ability cards: one of each color.

Players should sit about 2-1/2 feet from each other.

The play area should be a smooth, flat surface.

The space between the two players is called the Field.

When ready, each player says, "Field - Open!"

Players should hold their unused cards in their hands (or leave them face down), so that their opponent cannot see the faceside.

Their unused Bakugan should be closed (marble-like).

Each player has a used pile on their left; this is where played Ability cards, Gate cards won, and used Bakugan go.

The first player to get 3 Gate cards in their used pile wins!


Each player places one of their Gate cards face down (i.e., Bakugan logo is face up)in front of their opponent, so that they barely touch each other at their top, while saying, "Gate Card - Set!"

Note: Setting Gate cards occurs at the start of any turn where there are no Gate cards in the field.

The youngest player goes first.

Players then take turns. The player whose turn it is chooses a Bakugan and says,"Bakugan - Brawl!"

The player then rolls one of his unused Bakugan at the Gate cards in the field.


If the Bakugan opens on a Gate card and there's no other Bakugan on that Gate, it is now the other player's turn.

If the Bakugan opens on a Gate card and the other player has a Bakugan on that Gate card, Battle ensues- see "Battle!"

If the Bakugan opens on a Gate card and this player already has a Bakugan on this card, one of two thing happen:

If there's no other Gate card in play or this player already has a Bakugan on the other Gate card, this player wins that Gate card uncontested, placing it and his two Bakugan in his used pile.

It then becomes the other player's turn-Otherwise this Bakugan is moved to the other Gate card.

If that Gate card doesn't have an opponent's Bakugan, it is the other player's turn.

But if it does, Battle ensues- see "Battle!"


Battle is one Bakugan vs. one Bakugan and happens whenever Bakugan from two different players end up on the same Gate card.

Detach the two Bakugan from the Gate card and read each Bakugan's G-Power. Gate Reveal: Flip the Gate card over and do what it says.

Ability Cards: Play Ability cards (if desired)- first, by the player whose turn it is. Each Ability card says when it can be played.

Tell your opponent that you are playing the card, do what the card says and then put the card in your used pile.

Gate Card G-Power Boost: After both players are finished playing Ability cards, each Bakugan gets to add the Gate Card G-Power boost.

Simply match the color of a Bakugan to the color symbol on the Gate card and add that number to the Bakugan's G-Power.

The battle is won by the Bakugan that now has the higher G-Power. The player who wins the battle puts the Gate card in their used pile.

In the event of a tie: Each player rolls an unused Bakugan.

First Bakugan to stand on a Gate card wins.

Multi-Player Game

A multi-player game, that is with more than 2 players is basically the same but there are a few minor changes you need to be aware of:

Table Set-Up

The field should be set up as shown in the diagram below.

"In battle" and "After battle" cards can only me played by the 2 players "brawling".

There are other cards that can be played at anytime but if more than one person wants to lpay a card the person whose turn it is next goes first.

RULES UPDATE 07/12/08:

Official Bakugan Rules Update: Resolving a Tied Match

Attention Bakugan Brawlers! There has been an official update to the gameplay rules of Bakugan.

Amended Rule: Resolving a Tied Match

In the event of a tie: The battle is won by the first Bakugan that stood on the Gate card.

Please disregard any rules that may say otherwise, including the official rulebook that is provided in Bakugan products. This amended rule clears up confusion that might have occurred and caused undue battles.

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