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Hellboy, AKA "Red", A New Kind of Super Hero

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If there's one monster movie you can watch without being afraid, then 'Hellboy' is it. You can happily chomp on your popcorn and enjoy what is essentially a heroic comedy movie with a ctwist.

Directed by renowned horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Hellboy is based on the popular comic book series by Mike Mignola, which del Toro is a big fan of, that revolves around one of the strangest lead characters ever brought to the big screen.

With the classic good versus evil plotline (but with a surprisingly different angle), it is an action-packed comical adventure monster movie that is based around the character of Hellboy; a cigar-chomping, horn-filing demonic hero who was summoned up (as a young monkey looking demon) from the pits of hell during World War II by the evil Grigori Rasputin to be used as the ultimate Axis (Armageddon, anyone?) weapon by the Nazis.

But the young demon was captured by American forces first (using a chocolate bar as bait!) and was then put into the care of Professor Broom, the founder of a top-secret organization called the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

He was then aptly named Hellboy, due to the obvious fact as to where he originated from. Under the Professor's guidance he learned compassion and a desire to do good while his physical powers and paranormal talents, or should we say abilities, coming from his demonic nature were honed as he grew older.

Fast forward to the present day and Hellboy (aka Red) is now a member of the elite secret defense team together with Liz Sherman, a beautiful young woman who has a somewhat 'fiery' ability (just like the Firestarter, duh!); and Abe Sapian, an aqua-man sort of being who has the power of telepathy (safe to assume that he is a relative of Aquaman).

Together they help mankind fight villains with supernatural powers and the desire to wreak havoc which could bring about a nightmare of destruction for all humanity.

Aside from the trademark oversized revolver, grenades and other demolition tools, Hellboy carries with him an array of odd items like herbs, holy relics and even horseshoes in his Batman-like utility belt which proves useful when fighting supernatural beings.

Stronger and more physically durable than an ordinary human being, he is 'conveniently' fireproof and has the uncanny ability to heal and recover from wounds quickly. He also has the innate ability to speak and understand ancient and magical languages, like waking up the dead from its deep and peaceful slumber.

However dark Hellboy's character might be, del Toro made him fit the action-hero role quite nicely. Added to the witty nature was a sense of emotion and humanity which was injected into each of the film's strange group of characters. There is a side shown in the creature which yearns to feel more 'human'; to love and be loved; and to escape from his underground 'prison' to experience the simple bliss of the outside world- the human world.

But with a face which looks like a cross between a Bull Mastiff and a fire hydrant, it is definitely a face even his mother can't love!

Hellboy is a somewhat personable, albeit immature creature and is the perfect surprise opposite for the stereotype kind of movie heroes to which people have been used to watching.

The movie in themselves are a wondrously strange slice of adventure, mixed with horror and humor, full of witty one-liners and crazy punch lines fully enhanced by spectacular visual special effects.

Whoever says that there's no good coming from suspicious looking packages haven't met Hellboy yet. Although having a dark (yet entertaining) story line, it makes for a unique and well thought out concept for there is an incredible amount of heart to the beast within the character and to the film as a whole. Go Red!

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