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Do You Remember The Hasbro Wrestling Figures

Hasbro wrestling figures were first produced in 1990, however many critics of the line complained about the figures cartoonish looks.

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hasbro wrestling figures, hasbro wrestling figure, hasbro wrestling action figures
hasbro wrestling figures, hasbro wrestling figure, hasbro wrestling action figures

hasbro wrestling figures, hasbro wrestling figure, hasbro wrestling action figures
hasbro wrestling figures, hasbro wrestling figure, hasbro wrestling action figures

Unlike the LJN wrestling figures these Hasbro figures were made of plastic and had limited articulation with each figure having a Signature Move but these moves were often repeated on several figures.

Despite the complaints the Hasbro wrestling figures have become quite collectible over time, mainly due to pro wrestling's growing popularity, and its being introduced at the peak of wrestling figures becoming "collectibles".

However, like most figures their true value depends on their condition and whether they're carded or not.

Some have managed to retain their original value and others have become highly collectible and can fetch a high price on the secondary market, particularly if mint on the card but the most common figures wouldn't fetch much due to their abundance and generally sell for $1-$5 loose.

Mint on the card figures on the other hand sell for much higher prices, often reaching values of $800 and more, particularly the earlier Hasbro wrestling figures of the WWE's superstars.

Many of the Hasbro cards were also produced on foreign backing cards, usually French or Spanish, but these do not sell for as much as the English backed figures do, e.g. a 1992 Ultimate Warrior Mint on an American Card can fetch upwards of $150-$175 US, while the exact same figure on a French card may get around $15-$20 US.

Despite Hasbro's short period of producing WWE Wrestling figures they held the license for one of its most popular periods of time and as a result they hold a special place in many fans hearts and they remain popular to this day.

Hasbro Wrestling Figures Checklist

Series 1 (1990)

Hulk Hogan (gorilla press)


Andre the Giant

The Ultimate Warrior (green tights)

Demolition Ax

Demolition Smash

Mach Man Randy Savage

Big Boss Man (night stick)

Ravishing Rick Rude

Ted Dibiase (black tux and million dollar belt)

Brutus the Barber Beefcake (with shears)

Jake the Snake Roberts (with snake damian)

Series 2 (1991)

Hulk Hogan (hulkster hug)

The Ultimate Warrior (white tights)

Honky Tonk Man (with guitar)

Dusty Rhodes

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Jimmy Snuka

Macho King Randy Savage (with crown and scepter & macho king on back of trunks)

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (with 2/4)

Ted Dibiase (green tux and million dollar belt)

Series 3 Tag Teams (1992)

The Bushwackers Butch and Luke

The Rockers Martey Jannetty and Shawn Micheals

Demolition Crush and Smash (with helmets)

Series 3 (1992)

Hulk Hogan (hulkaplex)

The Ultimate Warrior (purple tights)

Brutus the Barber Beefcake (with shears)

Greg the Hammer Valentine

Big Boss Man (slim version with night stick)



Sgt Slaughter

Macho Man Randy Savage (macho man on trunks)

Texas Tornado

Mr Perfect (yellow version)

Koko B Ware (with pet parrot frankie)

Series 4 (1992)

Undertaker (ginger hair,beard and eye shadow)

British Bulldog

Bret the Hitman Hart

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat (with wings)

Series 4 Tag Teams (1992)

The Legion of Doom

Hawk and Animal

The Nasty Boys

Knobbs and Saggs

Series 5 (1993)

Hulk Hogan (no shirt)

Macho Man Randy Savage (green stetson and tassels)

Sid Justice


The Mountie (with shock stick)

The Model Rick Martel



Irwin R Schyster

Series 6 (1993)

Ric Flair

Papa Shango (with bone necklase)

Tito Santana

Repo Man


The Berserker (with coat)

Jim the Anvil Neidhart

Series 7 Yellow Card (1993)


Owen Hart

Crush (hawain version)


Razor Ramon (with gold chains)

Shawn Michaels(hbk version)

Series 8 Red Cards (1994)

Bam Bam Bigelow

Lex Luger

Bret the Hitman Hart (tanned skin , silver shades, pink vest)

Mr Perfect (blue version)


The Undertaker (with black cloak, dark brown beard)

Series 9 Purple Cards (1994)

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Doink the Clown


Ted Didiase (no shirt Version)

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (with USA flag)

Series 10 Dark Blue Cards (1994)

Giant Gonzalez

Marty Jannetty (non rockers)

Samu (headshrinkers)

Fatu (headshrinkers)

Bushwacker Luke (with removable hat)

Bushwacker Butch (with removable hat)

Shawn Michaels (HBK version with black pants)

Razor Ramon (purple vest, with chains)

Series 11 Green Card (1994)

Ludvig Borga

Yokozuna (white trunks)

123 Kid

Adam B

Crush (evil version with face paint and goatee)

Billy Gunn

Bart Gunn

WWF Mail Away Magazine Exclusives

Hulk Hogan (with red Hulkamania shirt) 1993

Bret the Hitman Hart (with purple heart) 1993

The Undertaker (with cloak and red hair) 1993

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